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Since the dawn of time, bed skirts have conspired to crush my soul. Oh, the lifting of the mattress, the positioning of the skirt, the replacing of the mattress. The intense physical combat. The sweating and the swearing. Well, I actually enjoy the swearing part.
We have an all-foam mattress which rests its weary flesh on a wooden frame that doesn't play well with bed skirts.
Here's an older picture of our room, and you can see the disaster that is the bed skirt. Frumpy and dumpy and grumpy.
The frame is very short, so the skirt sags depressingly on the rug.

Here, take a scandalous peek under my skirt. I dare you.
See my quilting mat under the bed? Technically, it's my daughter's quilting mat, but possession is nine tenths, as they say.

This always happens as well:
Despite the fact I hate making the bed, I make it almost every day.

I'd always planned on doing something about the skirt, but this happened.

That's but a sampling of the damage he's done to this comforter. But Eddie has a history of claiming this land for Spain. If there are beds and pillows involved, you can bet your furry bum he's there.

Getting himself trapped, with no escape in sight.
But Eddie just had his 14th birthday and our little old man has finally given up on jumping up on the bed. As sad as it makes me knowing he's winding down, it also means I can buy a comforter for the bed and have it stay super-duper nice.

So I did.

I threw the new, offensive bed skirt on the floor. The floor was probably dirty, but I most likely didn't care. Perhaps grease spots will haunt my future.
I proceeded to defile the skirt by cutting off all the white part that normally resides beneath the mattress. Then I got out my seam ripper and continued the desecration.
Soon I had three pieces of fabric that perfectly matched the new comforter set. I'd better not screw this up because I'll never have the recipe again.

Oh no.

Philly took me on a date to Home Depot where we bought a piece of luan and cut it to fit the sides and foot of the bed frame. I wrapped it with bug-infested (they were dead) quilt batting.
Then we wrapped with skirt fabric thus.
Halfway through, the pneumatic stapler died. Philly disassembled the demon, found the broken part, swore a bunch, then traveled to Menards to purchase a new one.

We've ordered the replacement part for the original. Now we have serious back-up.
We stapled on some velcro and added velcro to the bed frame so they could have relations...
The end result? Thank goodness you asked, because I've had enough wine to fell a horse, and I need to close down for the night.

Oh, happiness abounds.
So clean and streamlined.
My new comforter set is very similar to the previous set, minus the doggie rips and tears. You can find it here.


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  • Katie Katie on Feb 18, 2021

    Erm, I'm 45 and never put these under a mattress. My mom never did either. I've never known this done before. How did you come to do that?

  • Kunle Kunle on May 12, 2021

    Nice! How do you clean the bed skirt when it gets dirty?

  • Chris who loves Hometalk Chris who loves Hometalk on Feb 23, 2022

    You could be my sister's and my sister with that sense of humor. You want to come for coffee the next time she comes up for a visit? (Oh, loved the project!!)👍️

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