They’re not as classy as dark cabinets

With those cream countertops, this kitchen looks so put together. Get tutorial here

Dark cabinets make your appliances look sleek

Next to this stainless steel oven, these cabinets really shine. Get tutorial here

Pallet board looks just as good next to black

This pallet board backsplash looks great next to the black cabinets. Get tutorial here

They don’t allow for much color

These blue cabinets add so much color to this kitchen. Get tutorial here

And they look better with another color

The white countertop looks so much better paired with these velvet blue ones. Get tutorial here

They don’t pair as well with cream colors

White is fine, but these dark cabinets look so much better with the cream and brown tones. Get tutorial here

It’s so much easier to just stain it

You have to paint it white, but this java stain doesn’t take nearly as much effort. Get tutorial here

Darker colors look better on laminate

This makeover was so successful due to the dark colored cabinets. Get tutorial here

Dark cabinets give more contrast

Compared to the light colors wood, these cabinets looks so great against the countertop. Get tutorial here

Dark colors make white look bright

These white appliances look so much brighter with the dark cabinets surrounding them. Get tutorial here

You have more options for colors

Sure, there are different shades of white, but nothing beats this stunning galapagos blue. Get tutorial here