Jazzing Up a Simple Vase

4 Materials
4 Hours
Here’s a way to give your home décor a little oomph while bringing out your inner artist.

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This simple project is a quick way to dress up some vases you may already have in your home. I found some cool colored vases at the local dollar store. And while the colors were very pretty, I wanted to add some artistic elements to give it a little variety.
First, take a sponge brush and your choice of glass acrylic paint and use the sponge brush to apply the paint to the vase. I chose a sponge brush because of the nice, textured appearance it creates on the glass once the paint dries. Most water based paints do not take long to dry so if you think the surface is not opaque enough, apply another coat.
I like using a mixture of bright colors and metallics colors on my vases, But of course, you can use any color choices to fit your home decor. This time, I chose a shiny copper paint on an apple green vase. In the picture, you can see the sponge brush leaving that cool textured surface I was referring to. You can cure your glass in the oven or leave it to air dry.
For this step, you can choose how high or low you want your paint to go on the vase. Because this is a milk bottle design, I decided to end it at the bottom neck of the vase. You can stop at the middle part of the vase as well. And don't worry about having any clean edges because of the idea is to have a very loose, abstract look to your painted surface.
Now here is where it really gets fun. Use your dimensional paint to "draw" a cool design onto your vase. For this project, I drew some white metallic swirls. Again, your imagination is the limit for this kind of project. You can paint stripes, triangles, paisleys, or letters. The slim tip of the dimensional paint bottle is versatile for all kinds of designs.
Here is a picture showing the continued pattern. While the metallic paint looks shiny but rough, the dimensional paint leaves a shiny and clean line of patterns on the vase. As an artist, I love the contrast of textures and they make for an interesting piece of work not normally seen in your local store.
Here is a finished project. You can let the dimensional paint air dry for about four hours.

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And viola! Here is your artsy, DIY painted vase. I added some faux roses and placed it on my living room side table. It's a simple way to turn a generic vase into your own creation. Have fun with it and you use this small project to bring out the artist in you!
Suggested materials:
  • Colored vase   (dollar store)
  • Sponge brush   (craft store)
  • 3-D dimensional or fabric paint   (craft store)
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