Make a lace design on wood pieces with icing

Use furniture icing and a piece of lace to make your wooden pieces look designer in a flash. Get tutorial here

Fold & dye fabric for shibori-style makeovers

Give your boring picnic blanket a bright new look with this dip-dye hack. Get tutorial here

Hammer flowers on napkins for fun decor

Looking for a matching linen set on the cheap? Pound flowers into fabric with a hammer for a bright pattern! Get tutorial here

Turn styrofoam cups into funky flower vases

Wrap rubber bands around styrofoam cups to twist them into fun and funky shapes. Get tutorial here

Use duct tape to create staining stencils

Cut a pattern with your duct tape to make sure your staining a pristine design into your wood piece. Get tutorial here

Roll book pages into intricate wall art

If you’ve got old books lying around, roll them into flowers & spirals for this wall decor idea. Get tutorial here

Make wood look like aged metal with paint

Try this spray painting trick to magically transform your wooden furniture into gorgeous aged metal. Get tutorial here

Craft textured flowers using wire and floss

Wrap a wire flower form in floss to create some interesting floral art. Get tutorial here

Transfer text in the cleanest way for signs

Use this easy transfer technique before burning words into your wood signs and wall hangings. Get tutorial here

Gild ornate furniture using gold leaf sheets

Add a pop of golden pretty to the details in your furniture by brushing on sheets of gold leaf. Get tutorial here

Give your blank walls a watercolor makeover

Drip a collage of paint colors down your wall to create this unique and eye-catching design. Get tutorial here