1. DIY egg carton wreath

This fall farmhouse wreath is easy to make in under an hour using materials you likely have at home. Prepare a base from cardboard and brown paper bag strips, then add brown wrapping paper leaves.

Paint egg carton flowers in fall colors and glue them to the wreath, finishing with colorful buttons in the flower centers. Hang up your recycled and beautiful fall wreath! Get tutorial here

2. DIY concrete pumpkin planter

In this easy and cheap DIY project, old plastic candy buckets are transformed into beautiful concrete planters. By cutting, taping, and filling the pumpkins with concrete, you can create unique and rustic pumpkin planters perfect for your fall garden or doorstep decor.

With simple materials and a few steps, you can make these eye-catching planters to add a touch of creativity and autumn charm to your space. Get tutorial here

3. DIY pumpkin topiary

In this cheap and easy DIY project, the creator demonstrates how to make adorable outdoor pumpkins using simple materials like large and small trash bags, newspaper, and tape.

By shaping the bags to resemble pumpkins and using a special paper mache' recipe for added durability, you can create realistic-looking pumpkins. The fun part is painting them and adding fall leaves and decorations to complete the cheerful seasonal decor.

With these homemade pumpkins, you can save money and enjoy a fun art project perfect for the holiday season. Get tutorial here

4. Cardboard and jute twine vase

In this upcycle/recycle craft, Gail demonstrates how to make a beautiful vase using a small cardboard box, wood skewers, and jute twine.

After peeling away the top layer of the cardboard box to expose the corrugated paper, wood skewers are inserted into the grooves. Jute twine is then wrapped around the box, creating decorative patterns, and woven over and under the skewers to complete the design.

The vase is coated with Mod Podge or craft varnish for durability, making it a perfect piece for displaying faux fall arrangements or real flowers with a glass container. Get tutorial here

5. Buckets filled with mini pumpkins

In this DIY project, Lauraleedaydreams upcycles two small galvanized buckets into charming fall decor. The process involves painting the buckets white and decoupaging them with fall-themed napkins, adding leaves and raffia for a rustic look.

White dry brushing is used to enhance the dimension, and the finished pieces are sealed with Polycrylic. The buckets are filled with raffia and fall leaves, and mini pumpkins are added to complete the adorable fall display. Get tutorial here

6. Cake lid harvest planter

In this DIY project, Sun’s Arts upcycles a plastic cake lid and Dollar Tree items to create a beautiful fall harvest planter. The process involves cleaning the cake lid, painting it with white acrylic paint, and adding jute twine for a rustic touch.

A plastic champagne glass is used as a pedestal, and the final result is a farmhouse-style planter that can be decorated for fall or any season. This project not only creates a lovely home decor piece but also promotes environmental sustainability by repurposing materials. Get tutorial here

7. Crock pot potpourri

In this DIY project, Beth shares how to make a crockpot potpourri to fill your home with a warm fall scent. She uses ground cinnamon, ground cloves, cinnamon sticks, and oranges to create the aromatic mixture.

By simmering the ingredients in a mini Crock-Pot, you can enjoy the delightful fragrance throughout your home, while also reducing the need for candles. It's a simple and natural way to make your house smell wonderful. Get tutorial here

8. How to transfer photos to candles

This DIY project teaches you how to transfer images from napkins, tissues, or photos onto plain wax candles or battery-operated candles. By using an iron or heat gun, you can adhere the images to the candles easily.

The tutorial provides step-by-step instructions and suggests placing the decorated candles in a glass jar, adding twine and beads for a finishing touch. It's a simple and enjoyable craft that you can try with various designs. Get tutorial here

9. DIY orange peel candle

This DIY project shows you how to make candles out of orange peels using household items like olive oil and matches. By cutting the orange peel and removing the pulp, you create a natural and green candle with the white center stem serving as the wick. It's a creative and cost-effective solution for candle emergencies or romantic dates. Get tutorial here

10. DIY fall wall art with colored sand

This DIY project shows how to create a pumpkin sand art piece for fall home decor. Using foam board, clear glue, and colored sand, you draw the pumpkin design, apply glue, add the sand, and shake off the excess to reveal a textured and charming fall wall art. It's an easy and creative way to embrace the autumn season. Get tutorial here

11. Fall & Halloween throw pillow ideas

In this DIY project, two fall and Halloween throw pillow ideas are created using easily removable materials. For the ghost/mummy pillow, large googly eyes are glued onto a white pillow, and fabric strips are added to create a mummy look.
For the pumpkin/jack-o-lantern pillow, adhesive cork is used to create a textured pumpkin surface, and a jack-o-lantern face is added using adhesive felt. This fall/Halloween project is simple, fun, and can be reversed after the season ends. Get tutorial here

12. Trash can centerpiece

In this DIY project, a wire trash can from the Dollar Store is transformed into a stunning fall centerpiece. Floral foam and chicken wire are attached to the trash can, and a fall arrangement is built using faux flowers, leaves, and pumpkins.

Bittersweet vine is wrapped around the basket for added decoration. The result is a budget-friendly and beautiful fall decor piece that can be displayed on a Thanksgiving tablescape. Get tutorial here

13. Pumpkin kissing ball

This DIY project involves creating a stunning hanging fall decor ball using faux pumpkins. The pumpkins are spray-painted and attached to a styrofoam ball with floral wire and hot glue.

Succulents, leaves, and moss are added to fill in the gaps, creating a beautiful pumpkin kissing ball. A ribbon is attached for hanging, making it a perfect fall decoration for your home. Get tutorial here

14. Fall pillow

This DIY fall pillow project involves using Dollar Tree items, including a black and white checkered placemat with the word "GATHER" woven inside a fall-themed wreath. The placemats are glued together, leaving one side open to insert a pillow. The open side is then closed with hot glue.

Optional tassels and wooden beads made from cotton yarn are added to the corners of the pillow using hot glue, giving it a farmhouse-style look. The final result is a beautiful and budget-friendly fall decor piece. Get tutorial here

15. Wastebasket scarecrow

You can create an adorable scarecrow using a Dollar Tree wastebasket and some additional inexpensive supplies. The wastebasket serves as the scarecrow's face, with large black buttons for eyes and an orange jack-o'-lantern shape for the nose.

Felt bats are used to create the scarecrow's smile, and raffia is added to give it a straw look. A hat is placed on top, and fall ribbon and yarn pumpkins are added as finishing touches to create a cute fall-themed home decor piece. Get tutorial here

16. Outdoor fall cushions

To create affordable outdoor fall cushions, the crafter used tote bags from the Dollar store featuring owl designs. The straps were removed, and the totes were filled with packing peanuts to withstand weather conditions. Once filled, the cushions were placed in chairs, providing a simple and quick addition to the fall decor. Get tutorial here

17. Chicken wire decor ideas

This project provides five easy and creative ways to use chicken wire to make rustic and stylish fall decorations. From a centerpiece and wreath to lanterns, cornucopia, and signs, these farmhouse-inspired fall crafts are simple to create and will add cozy charm to your home for the fall season. Get tutorial here

18. Boho wreath

This project offers an easy and budget-friendly way to create a fall boho wreath using items from the Dollar Tree. All you need is a wire wreath form, ropes, raffia, scissors, and a brush. Simply loop the raffia and rope through the form, brush it for a cohesive look, and hang it in your home for a beautiful fall decoration. Get tutorial here