1. Pine cone & twig wreath

Originally envisioned as a less Christmassy winter wreath, this DIY fall wreath is made using recycled materials. The wreath incorporates natural elements like twigs and pine cones, with a touch of faux foliage.

Prepare the pine cones, paint the hoop, bundle and attach twigs, glue everything together, and add painted pine cone flowers. The wreath can be customized with different color schemes for various seasons.  Get tutorial here

2. Fall boho wreath

In this DIY tutorial, you'll learn how to create a fall wreath using affordable materials from Dollar Tree. The wreath has a boho style and can be customized with colors that match your home decor.

With a wire wreath form, ropes, raffia, scissors, and a brush, you can easily assemble the wreath by looping the raffia and rope through the hoops, filling it up until full, and then brushing and trimming it for a neat finish.

The best part? The project only takes approximately two hours to complete and the finished wreath can be hung in your entryway or any desired spot in your home. Get tutorial here

3. DIY fall wreath with mesh & raffia

This DIY fall wreath by Nick is perfect for the harvest season. Start by attaching pipe cleaners to the wreath form for stability, then add strips of mesh to create a bow tie or ruffle effect. Attach raffia and ribbons for added texture and decoration.

Once finished, you'll have a beautiful wreath that can be displayed throughout fall and up to Thanksgiving. Get tutorial here

4. Pine cone flower wreath

Using dried pine cones collected from a wooded area, create a beautiful fall wreath. Begin by ensuring the pine cones are bug-free by baking or using a bleach wash. Cut the pine cones to a smaller size and trim the edges for a flower-like shape.

Secure the trimmed pine cones onto a wire frame wreath, either by twisting or using a glue gun. Paint the pine cones with acrylic paint and add Spanish moss for additional texture. Once finished, hang the wreath for a beachy yet fall-themed decoration. Get tutorial here

5. 5-Minute fall wreath

Here, Vicki and Jennifer show you how to create an easy fall wreath in just 5 minutes using a craft form ring, large fall florals, wire cutters, and a pen.

Cut the stems and mark the floral foam ring with evenly spaced dots. Attach a floral stem to each dot by pressing it firmly into the foam. The resulting wreath makes a bold statement on a front door. Get tutorial here

6. Paper bag copper magnolia wreath

Transform brown paper lunch bags into a stunning copper magnolia wreath perfect for fall and the holiday season. Cut the bags into sheets, paint them with copper and brown acrylic paints, and let them dry.

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Create magnolia leaf shapes using a cardboard template, crease the leaves, and glue the ends. Attach the leaves to a grapevine wreath form using hot glue. The finished wreath is lightweight, beautiful, and easy to hang. Get tutorial here

7. Burlap pool noodle wreath

Next up, create a beautiful fall wreath using a square wreath frame, burlap, and pool noodles. Slice the pool noodle in half and fit it inside the frame for fullness. Cut burlap into squares, wrap it around the frame, and secure it with hot glue. Add a hanger before sealing the frame.

Decorate the wreath with fall leaves, florals, pine cones, and other accents. Make adjustments for balance and aesthetics. Hang the finished wreath on your door for a perfect touch of fall. Get tutorial here

8. Rolled book page wreath

DeeDee shows us how to make a rolled book page wreath using a wire wreath form, an old book, jute twine, scissors, and a hot glue gun. Roll each book page tightly on a skewer and secure with glue. Make bundles of rolled pages tied with twine. Glue full pages to the wreath form and add bundles between them.

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Continue adding scrolls until you're satisfied with the look. Optional: Decorate with florals or other small items. Enjoy your handmade wreath, even if it's not perfectly symmetrical! Get tutorial here

9. DIY ruffle burlap wreath

For this full ruffle burlap wreath, you'll need a 14.5-inch frame from Dollar Tree, two rolls of 30-ft burlap from Walmart or Hobby Lobby, and about 4 zip ties for extra security.

Start by zip-tying the burlap to the crossbar, then bring the burlap through the sides of the first middle bar all the way around. Repeat the process for the second middle bar, which may be a bit more challenging. Finally, add bows and embellishments to complete the wreath. Get tutorial here

10. Mesh swirl flower wreath

Create a beautiful 26-inch deco mesh flower wreath with a swirl pattern using three colors: Burgundy, Orange, and Gold. Cut and arrange 90 petals in different rings on a 10-inch box wire wreath frame. Finish with a ribbon rose center for an eye-catching result. Get tutorial here

11. DIY fabric wreath

Learn how to make a fabric wreath by tying knots with fabric strips. This DIY project allows you to customize the wreath for different seasons and holidays.
This is just one idea for creating DIY home decor with recycled fabric. With just a few hours of work, you'll have a beautiful wreath to adorn your front door or any special space in your home. Get tutorial here

12. Witch hat wreath for Halloween

Of course, this wouldn't be a complete list of DIY fall wreath ideas without a fun project for Halloween. Here, Michele shows us how to create a festive witch hat wreath with dangling legs to decorate your front door. This simple DIY project can be completed in just 30 minutes.

Bend a tinsel wreath into the shape of a witch hat, attach bendable legs, and add deco mesh and ribbons for a spooky finish. Get ready for trick-or-treaters with this adorable Halloween wreath. Get tutorial here