Burlap Ruffle/Pull Through Method

3 Materials
45 Minutes

Back in September 2016 I saw this simple technique on Youtube. I decided I had to change it! I added the second row which made the wreath full and beautiful and since the the Ruffle Burlap Wreath has been a famous wreath. You see it everywhere. Here's the simple technique along with my addition of the second row to make it fuller.

You will need a 14.5 inch Frame from Dollar Tree

2 rolls of 30 ft burlap from Wal-Mart or Hobby Lobby

About 4 zip ties for tying the burlap.

Zip Tie the burlap on the cross bar for extra security and where the burlap won't come loose. I highly recommend doing this. Then start bringing the burlap through the sides of the first middle bar. Kind of like a sandwich. Do this all the way around.

Start the same process as before but now you are going to bring the burlap around that second middle bar. This will be harder because you are working with a side that already has burlap in there.

Add some bows and other embellishments and you have a beautiful wreath ready to hang.

Here is a video that I made September 2016 that shows how to make this wreath. I was very new to videoing so go easy on me! Have fun!!!

DIY fall wreath ideas

Suggested materials:
  • 2 rolls of 30 foot burlap   (Wal-Mart)
  • 14.5 inch wreath   (Dollar Tree)
  • Wired Ribbon   (Any Craft Store)
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