Thanksgiving DIY Project: How to Fashion a Delightful Turkey Gnome

Crafting your very own Turkey gnome is the perfect way to infuse some holiday charm into your home.

Join me as I show you how to make this cute handmade ornament to adorn your Thanksgiving table.

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Tools and Materials:

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How to Create an Adorable Turkey Gnome

1. Preparing the Pumpkin Body

To kick off your DIY Gnome adventure, start with the foam pumpkin and carefully remove the stem.

Take your orange canvas material and cut a square large enough to cover the entire pumpkin.

Styrofoam pumpkin ideas

Use your trusty hot glue gun to secure the fabric in place, beginning with the corners and gradually wrapping it around the pumpkin.

Wrapping the Pumpkin with Orange Fabric

Don't fuss too much about perfection; it'll all be concealed later in the process.

Creating the Hat for Your Thanksgiving Gnome

2. Shaping the Hat

Moving on to the gnome's hat, grab the styrofoam cone and snip it just where the tip begins. This will form the basis for a top hat.

Handmade ornament for Fall

Cut a circle from the black canvas fabric for the top of the hat

Step-by-step turkey gnome craft tutorial

You will also need to cut a long piece to wrap around the sides. Leave approximately a half-inch edging along the fabric.

Glue fabric to the foam hat base

Start by gluing the fabric strip around the sides of your styrofoam cone.

Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas

To ensure a neat finish, fold the top edges inward.

Easy and budget-friendly holiday decor ideas

Next, apply glue to the circular top piece and carefully attach it to the cone.

Crafting the Hat Brim

3. Crafting the Brim

Now, let's work on the brim of the hat. Trace and cut out two more circles from your canvas fabric.

Holiday-themed crafts

To give it extra durability, glue two of these circles together.

How to craft a top hat for a DIY gnome

Cut a slit in the middle of the brim of the hat.

Push the BBQ skewer through the slit in the brim

Take a BBQ skewer and thread it through this slit.

Top hat for Thanksgiving gnome

Attach it to the top hat portion, creating the hat's distinctive form.

Wrap the hat with ribbon

4. Adding Decorative Details

Make your gnome's hat stand out by wrapping it with fancy orange ribbon, and securing it in place with hot glue.

Add a gold buckle to the hat

Add a square of gold Christmas ribbon for a buckle.

Cut a piece of faux fur to create the beard

5. Faux Fur Beard

To make your Thanksgiving gnome truly enchanting, cut a piece of faux fur to fit the length of the body.

Dollar store crafts

To preserve the fur's texture, remember to cut it from the backside.

Preparing the Faux Fur Beard

Stick the hat on top of the pumpkin to determine where to glue the fur.

Holiday DIY

Tuck the fur under the brim of the hat, ensuring a snug fit.

Creating the Gnome's Nose

6. Nose and Mustache

Attach a wooden bead to create the gnome's nose, holding it until the glue sets securely.

Making a faux fur mustache for a turkey gnome

Cut an additional U-shaped piece from the fur, applying it under the nose to make a mustache.

Glue the hat to the nose

Once you've successfully glued these pieces in place, apply a touch of glue beneath the hat to ensure it's firmly secured to the nose.

Trim a feather garland

7. Feathers for Flair

To give your turkey gnome craft a more realistic feel, trim a piece of feather garland to match the size of the gnome's back and glue it in place.

How to make an adorable Turkey Gnome for Thanksgiving

Choose some feathers that look real.

Attach the feather garland piece and realistic feathers

Attach the realistic-looking turkey feathers in front of the feather garland on the back side of the gnome.

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Your Turkey gnome is now ready to take center stage in your Thanksgiving decor!

I hope this DIY Thanksgiving craft project brought joy to your holiday preparations. Don't forget to share your thoughts and pictures of your adorable gnomes in the comments below. I'd love to hear about your crafting adventures!

Holly Grace
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