How to Make a Cute DIY Christmas Swag Using a Yardstick

Turning everyday things into special holiday decorations is a really nice way to make your home feel festive. In this DIY guide, I'll show you how to make a Christmas swag using just a yardstick, some pipe cleaners, and a bit of creativity.

I'll give you simple steps to follow so you can create a unique holiday decoration that will make everyone smile. Let's get started on this fun DIY Christmas swag project that mixes classic holiday stuff with a bit of imagination!

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Tying pipe cleaners

1. Tie pipe cleaners around a yardstick

I took a yardstick and some pipe cleaners and every few inches down the yardstick, I took two pipe cleaners and wrapped them very tightly around the yardstick. You don't want them to be able to slide up or down.

Tying pipe cleaners to a yardstick

Bend them in half, one in one direction, one in the other direction. You can even slide one underneath the other one to make sure they're more secure, but pipe cleaners will work so much better for this than wire.

Cutting the deco mesh

2. Cut deco mesh

Take some deco mesh and cut it every 12 inches. If you use a cutting mat and a rotary cutter like this, it goes much quicker.

Rolling the deco mesh

3. Make & attach deco mesh bows

I just rolled two pieces of the deco mesh real tightly, squeezed them together, and made bows.

Attaching the deco mesh bows

Then I attached those bows of deco mesh one on either side of the yardstick on where each of the pipe cleaners is.

Swag of deco mesh bows

Go all the way down to the bottom, attaching the deco mesh, and it's looking pretty festive already. Look at that. You could use this anywhere.

Adding Christmas picks to the swag

4. Add Christmas picks

Then I took some Christmas picks. I liked these red berries that were sparkly with a little greenery around them. I just tucked them down and tucked the stem right behind the pipe cleaner.

Hot-gluing some ornaments to the swag

5. Add some ornaments

I hot glued in a few red and green ornaments. And there you have it.

Attaching a red sparkly bow

6. Attach a bow

I tied a sparkly bow to match and attached it to the bottom with a pipe cleaner. You could attach it to the top if you'd prefer, but I kind of liked it at the bottom.

DIY Christmas swag

DIY Christmas swag

My yardstick had a hole in the top, so it was ready to hang. Isn't that pretty? I hope this inspires you to try a Christmas decoration on a yardstick. Let me know what you think of this gorgeous Christmas swag idea in the comments below.

Chloe Crabtree
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