How to Have the Best DIY Christmas: Decor, Crafts & More

The Christmas season brings with it a special kind of magic, and what better way to embrace it than by creating your own festive decorations?

In this ultimate guide to a DIY Christmas, we'll share and explore the best DIY Christmas projects on Hometalk for you to draw inspiration from - just follow the links to see project books and full step-by-step tutorials.

PVC pipe Christmas tree

DIY Christmas trees

The Christmas tree is the ultimate festive holiday symbol. Of course, for your main tree, you're likely choosing between artificial or pine, or evergreen vs. a snowy flocked look. But why not go with something completely out of the (Christmas gift) box?

For example, the above DIY project was made using PVC pipe pieces and painted ornaments.

DIY bottle brush Christmas trees

If you don't have room for a full-size tree or if you're looking for more Christmas tree decor ideas, you can get creative with a variety of materials for making mini Christmas tree crafts, such as bottle brush trees.

Our Hometalk creators have made Christmas trees out of Q-tips, glass gems, and even plastic spoons!

Light-up Christmas tree made from an old pallet

Consider crafting a wooden tree for a rustic feel, or opt for paper or cardboard to show off your upcycling skills.

Mini Christmas tree made out of book pages

For a more natural look, pine cones make for perfect miniature trees that bring a touch of the outdoors indoors.

Mini pine cone Christmas trees

Add a festive touch with ribbons or burlap, giving your trees an extra dash of holiday spirit.

Yarn cone Christmas trees by Recaptured Charm

Don't be afraid to experiment with different sizes and shapes; mini cone trees are adorable and versatile, making them ideal for any festive setting. With a little imagination, you can craft Christmas trees that truly stand out.

Painted Christmas tree ornaments

DIY Christmas ornaments

Once you have the tree, it's time to decorate it and for that, you need the DIY Christmas ornaments. The options are truly limitless here, so here are a few ideas to get you started.

By material

The materials you can work with are wonderfully diverse, ranging from clay, wood, paper, and card to the cozy textures of macramé and yarn.

Styrofoam balls can offer a versatile base, while ornaments made from natural or recycled materials are more eco-friendly.

By style

When it comes to style, you can go for traditional rustic ornaments, bring an air of sophistication with elegant designs, or add an extra layer of warmth with personalized creations.

DIY flocked ornaments

By craft technique

Clear ornaments are a fun way to get creative; you can fill them with all kinds of festive ideas. Decoupage is another crafting technique that offers a multitude of possibilities, while mercury glass and flocking are trends that continue to stick around and always look beautiful.

Of course, you don't just have to hang your DIY ornaments on your tree, you can also use them in other projects, such as hanging ornament balls, ornament wreaths, ornament garlands, or even ornamentinis for your holiday parties!

DIY ornament garland for a Christmas tablescape

DIY Christmas garlands

Speaking of garlands, this is another area where you can use some DIY prowess. Garlands can wrap around your tree, but also your mantle, door frames, and front porch.

Deco mesh front porch garland
Corner doorway gardland idea

You can use real or faux evergreens, as well as colorful deco mesh, Christmas ornaments, or other non-traditional items.

DIY jumbo ornament wreath

DIY wreaths, swags & door hangers

Continuing further outside, how do you welcome guests into your home for the holidays? Is it with a Christmas wreath, a festive swag, or a cute door hanger?

Whichever team you're on, there are so many amazing ways to customize your door decorations:

DIY Christmas swag
DIY stocking door hanger

You can easily try making a wreath by attaching items to a circular base like a wire or foam ring. You can also create a cheerful garland by stringing ornaments and lights together.

If you want to be extra creative, you can make your own unique decorations using things like pine cones, bows, and even old holiday cards.

DIY giant candy canes either side of a door

DIY Christmas outdoor decorations

Moving from the front door to the front porch, and even front and back yards, DIY Christmas outdoor decorations are a great way to make the outside of your home look merry and bright for the holidays.

Christmas decorations on a front porch

Maybe you have a large yard for Christmas scenes or perhaps only a small doorway to decorate. Either way, these DIY decorations will make your home look super Christmassy and bring smiles to everyone who passes by.

Winter topiary with faux birch logs

DIY Christmas topiaries and planters

Winter-themed topiaries and planters are a great way to decorate your outdoor spaces for the holidays and beyond.

To make a topiary, you can start with a sturdy base like a cone-shaped frame or a pot filled with soil. Then, gather evergreen branches, ornaments, and ribbons to decorate and shape into a festive form.

For planters, you can repurpose containers or pots by filling them with soil and arranging seasonal plants like poinsettias, pine branches, and holly. Add decorative elements like pine cones and berries for more detail.

Christmas lights made out of solo cups

DIY Christmas light displays

From the outside and back inside again, Christmas lights are a wonderful way to add a warm and cozy atmosphere for the holidays.

DIY Christmassy ice lantern

DIY Christmas lanterns

If you're feeling crafty, you can make your own lanterns by placing candles inside glass Mason jars or paper bags with cut-out designs. These homemade lanterns give off a soft, inviting glow.

DIY Christmas candles

DIY Christmas candles

Additionally, candles placed in decorative holders or nestled in wreaths can create a lovely ambiance indoors.

Whether you choose to use string lights, lanterns, or flickering candles, Christmas lights fill your home with festive magic during the holiday season.

DIY ornament pillows

DIY Christmas decor

There are other many parts of your house you can decorate to spread the holiday cheer.

You can start with your living room by adding Christmassy touches like soft pillows with holiday patterns and displays around your windows.

You can also think up some DIY Christmas centerpiece ideas to take center stage on your dining table; perfect as a conversation starter over Christmas dinner.

These little changes can make a big difference in making your home feel extra special for the season.

DIY Christmas window display

Christmas motifs & symbols

When it comes to decorations, there are plenty of popular Christmas symbols to choose from.

Angels with their beautiful wings, shiny bells that jingle, bright red poinsettias, adorable snowmen, cute gnomes, and friendly nutcracker soldiers are some of the favorites.

You can use these symbols to make wreaths, ornaments, and even cute little figurines to display around your home.

Mini nutcracker soliders made from terracotta pots

And don't forget about pretty bows! They can be tied on wreaths, wrapped around banisters, or even added to your gift boxes to make them look extra lovely.

DIY Candyland Christmas

If you want to try something really fun, you can pick a theme for your Christmas decor.

One popular theme is a Candyland Christmas, where you can draw inspiration from lollipops, gingerbread, candy canes, and peppermint. Turn the outdoors into a Candyland wonderland, then sprinkle sweet touches inside too.

Oversized DIY Christmas decorations

You can also go for oversized decorations to make a big statement. Imagine having giant ornaments or a huge Santa Claus figure in your front yard! It's sure to bring smiles to everyone who sees it.

Let your creativity shine and have a blast decorating your home.

Pine cone Christmas gnome ornaments

DIY Christmas crafts

Crafts are a super fun way to get into the holiday spirit and also produce some beautiful DIY Christmas home decor at the same time. You can make all sorts of things with just a few simple materials, from pool noodles to pine cones.

Christmas lantern in a jar

Jars can be filled with colorful ornaments, tiny lights, or even layers of ingredients for potpourri. Add a ribbon or some spray paint, and you'll have a lovely homemade gift or decoration.

Snow globes in glass bowls

Jars, as well as bowls and clear ornaments, can also be turned into snow globes. Just hot glue a tiny scene, like a little tree or a cute figurine, to the inside of the lid. Then, fill the jar with water, add some glitter for the snow, and seal it up.

Glittery snowflake crafts made out of toilet roll tubes

Snowflakes are classic Christmas crafts that are easy to make. But beyond paper and scissors, you can also make snowflakes using toilet roll tubes, clothes hangers, and even by growing Borax crystals on pipe cleaners.

Pine cone garland

And let's not forget about pine cones! You can paint them, add some glitter, or even tie a ribbon around them. They make great ornaments for your tree or lovely accents for your table.

Make your own wrapping paper

You can even come up with crafty and creative ways to wrap your Christmas gifts, using paint stamps, bows, wax seals, or other unexpected items.

So, gather your materials, get crafting, and have a jolly good time coming up with your own Christmas craft ideas!

How to store Christmas decorations

Once the season is over, how do you store Christmas decorations in a way that ensures they'll be safe and easy to access for next year? Read our guide on how to store Christmas trees, ornaments, wreaths, lights, garlands, and more for all the decor storage hacks you need.

Storing a Christmas tree in plastic wrap

DIY Christmas ideas

So, why not try your hand at crafting your own Christmas decor this year? With a little imagination and some simple materials, you can bring the magic of the holiday season into every corner of your home.

If you have a favorite DIY Christmas project, share it in the comment section below!

DIY Christmas tray
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