Build a staircase leading to the patio

You’ll love how it makes your walkway more inviting. Get tutorial here

Recycle material for Gabion Walls

A 16th century creation that still has style, these walls split the backyard into two levels. Get tutorial here

Separate levels with gardens and trees

Make one area for your company to relax, and another one for your kids to play. Get tutorial here

Build raised garden beds

A no dig solution that also provides the perfect place to grow plants? I’m in! Get tutorial here

Make a waterfall

It might sound daunting, but you’ve got gravity on your side. Get tutorial here

Create a nature path

With just some flat stones and herbs, you can make that slope very zen. Get tutorial here

Form a rustic rock wall

Add in herbs and bright flowers to make it colorful. Get tutorial here

Place a pallet garden

Use the slope to your advantage with this brilliant and budget-friendly idea. Get tutorial here

Upcycle tires as flower pots

Place them next to steps for a decorative feature. Get tutorial here

Add stone steps for a cottage feel

It’s the perfect addition to personalize your backyard. Get tutorial here