7 Creative Ways to Wrap a Gift: DIYs, Tutorials & Hacks

If you're looking for some creative ways to wrap a gift, you've come to the right place. Our Hometalkers are full of fresh gift-wrapping ideas as well as easy wrapping hacks.

In this roundup, we'll explore fun ways to make your gifts look extra special. From unique materials to imaginative techniques, get ready to add a touch of magic to your presents.

DIY Christmas Decorations

For more festive decor projects, discover Hometalk's ultimate guide to a DIY Christmas, with ideas for wreaths, ornaments, trees, garlands, crafts, and anything else you can think of for the holidays!

DIY wrapping paper

1. How to make your own wrapping paper

In this DIY wrapping paper project by Createdbyfarran, learn how to create custom and personalized gift wrap using sponges and cookie cutters.

The step-by-step tutorial includes preparing your workspace, cutting sponge shapes with chosen cookie cutters, selecting paint colors, prepping kraft paper, stamping the paper with painted sponges, allowing it to dry, and finally wrapping your gift.

Clean-up is simple, requiring water and paper towels. This budget-friendly and artistic option allows you to experiment with various designs and colors, adding a unique touch to your gifts.

Make your own wrapping paper

Similarly, W M Design House shares how to make your own wrapping paper for the holiday season. Using just one roll of craft paper from a local store, you can create personalized and festive wrapping paper using household items.

The three methods include making snowflake wrapping paper with cookie cutters, birch tree wrapping paper with string and paint, and Christmas tree wrapping paper using a sponge.

How to wrap a gift with one piece of tape

2. How to wrap a gift with one piece of tape

Discover a game-changing Japanese wrapping trick that streamlines present wrapping in about 30 seconds with just one piece of tape. After a few practice rounds, Shawna Bailey's technique becomes efficient.

Choose your preferred wrapping paper, angle the present, and execute a sequence of folds, finishing with a double tuck. The clever hack creates a pocket for holiday cards, secured with a single piece of tape. This time-saving method promises a swift and stylish wrapping experience for future gifts.

How to wrap wine bottles using different materials

3. How to wrap wine bottles

Some gifts are easier to wrap than others and bottles are some of the trickiest to get right. Here, Rachel Metz shares two creative ways to wrap wine bottles using old t-shirts, adding a personal touch to traditional wine gifting.

The first method involves cutting a shirt to tea towel size, laying it horizontally, folding it over the wine, and tying a knot on each side. The second method uses a vertical layout, rolling the shirt around the bottle and securing it with a ribbon. This is a cost-effective and pretty way to wrap one of the most difficult gifts.

Rachel also has a tutorial on how to wrap wine bottles with a burlap sack, which offers a more rustic look. The burlap is cut into the size of a tea towel, stamped with a simple cross pattern, and wrapped around the wine bottle.

DIY wax seal for envelopes

4. How to make wax seals

This project by Stacy Davis demonstrates two ways to create wax seals for Christmas presents or cards.

The first method involves using a kit with a tea light candle, wax melt warmer, spoon, and colored wax melts. The second method utilizes a glue gun and wax melt sticks. The tutorial provides step-by-step instructions for each method, including tips on creating the seals and adding them to envelopes.

Stacy suggests that the spoon/warmer method is more about the experience, while the glue gun/wax stick method is efficient for making a large quantity of seals quickly.

DIY Christmas gift box

5. How to make a Christmas gift box

This project from Trish involves transforming a plain oatmeal box into a festive Christmas gift box. The tutorial suggests using a specific type of oatmeal box without a plastic or cardboard lip.

The steps include cutting a strip of cardstock, tracing and cutting a circle for the lid, gluing the strip to the box, and creating a decorative bow with tulle. The final touch is adding a gift tag to the lid. You can personalize the design with various Christmas themes and colors.

Gift wrapped inside a toilet roll tube

6. How to wrap gifts in a toilet roll tube

In this creative gift-wrapping hack, Maddiy.martini utilizes an empty toilet paper roll to wrap a cute necklace.

The process involves placing the gift inside the roll, wrapping it with tissue paper, and securing the end with a scrunchie, which also serves as a decorative bow. The result is an adorable and resourceful way to gift small items.

Bright bow made using the Pro Bow The Hand tool

7. How to use a bow maker

Once you have the gift wrapped, you need to top it with a bow! Luckily, we have a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a professional ribbon bow using the Pro Bow tool.

Begin by gathering an assortment of ribbons to achieve a fluffy and colorful bow. Next, set up the Pro Bow tool, arranging the required fingers and spool holders according to your chosen ribbon configuration.

Attach the first ribbon to the Pro Bow, securing it with a pre-cut wire on the Base Finger. Gently wrap the ribbon around the designated fingers, creating twists, and secure it with another wire. Repeat this process for each ribbon, wrapping them around consecutive fingers, securing them with wire, and creating tails.

To complete the bow, undo the first wire counterclockwise, tighten it, and secure the wires. Optionally, use the Fluff Box to add dimension to the bow by securing it and fluffing the loops and tails for a polished finish.

What to do with leftover wrapping paper

Mini Christmas trees made out of wrapping paper

Wondering what to do with leftover wrapping paper? Sarah Vanderkooy demonstrates how to create beautiful wrapping paper Christmas trees using cardboard tubes and wrapping paper.

The process involves cutting cardboard tubes into different sizes, cutting wrapping paper squares, curling them into cone shapes, and assembling the cones to form a tree.

The cones are taped onto a cardboard tube in layers, and a bow made from wired ribbon adds a festive touch. The result is a festive and inexpensive Christmas decor idea that can be customized with different colors and bows.

More creative ways to wrap a gift

We hope these creative gift-wrapping ideas have inspired you to think outside the (gift) box this season. Do you have any top tips or tricks to share when it comes to gift wrapping? Let us know in the comments below.

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