How To Make a Towel Cake: A Cute and Practical Housewarming Gift

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Are you looking for a unique and practical housewarming gift that's both creative and functional? Consider making a towel cake – a delightful and easy DIY gift that combines everyday kitchen items into a fun and useful package.

In this step-by-step tutorial, I'll show you how to create this charming kitchen accessory cake using affordable materials from Dollar Tree.

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Tools and Materials:

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Easy DIY housewarming gift with towels

1. Rolling the Bath Towel

Start by selecting a nice, big bath towel. Fold it into thirds (trifold) and roll it tightly.

Gift ideas - How to make a towel cake

Secure the rolled towel with twine to prevent it from coming undone.

Cake plate as base for towel cake

Place this towel on a disposable cake platter.

Fold cloths in thirds

2. Adding Dishcloths Layers

Tri-fold multiple dishcloths and layer them on top of each other.

Towel cake tutorial

Leave about three inches of each end exposed.

Easy DIY gifts

Wrap the long strip of dishcloths around the rolled bath towel.

Towel cake with kitchen tools for new homes

If the cloths do not wrap around the entire cake you can take one more and wrap it at the back.

DIY housewarming gifts

Secure them in place with a large stretchy rubber band.

Trifold towel

3. Decorative Towel Layer

Choose another towel in a contrasting color to the first one.

How to make a towel cake

Trifold it and wrap it around the existing layers, securing it with another stretchy rubber band.

Glass candle jar

4. Add Candles

Place a candle in the center of your first tier.

Bridal shower gift idea

Then place a second candle on top of the first to form the center of your second cake towel tier.

Kitchen-inspired towel cake

5. Microfiber Cloth Rolls and Candles

Roll up smaller microfiber cloths into tight rolls, securing them with elastics.

How to make a cleaning cake from towels

Place them around the second-tier candle.

Dorm room gift idea

Next, wrap a decorative dishcloth around them like a ribbon, securing it with a rubber band.

Trifold towel

6. Adding the Final Tier

Take a hand towel, tri-fold it, and roll it up, leaving the center somewhat open.

Add your final tier of the cleaning cake

Tie one side to keep it together.

Kitchen-themed towel cake

Place it on top of the second tier as your third and final tier.

Decorate with utensils

7. Decorating with Kitchen Tools

Slide various kitchen tools, such as sponges, can openers, scissors, and a scrub brush, down inside the loose center of the third tier as well as into various areas on the second tier.

Cover elastics with ribbon

8. Concealing Elastics with Ribbon

Cover the elastic bands around each tier with a pretty ribbon, giving your towel cake a polished finish.

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The perfect gift for a housewarming

DIY Gift Idea: How to Make a Towel Cake

Whether you're welcoming someone to their new home or celebrating a milestone, the towel cake is a fun way to gift essential home items and offers a delightful and memorable surprise for the recipient.

Have you tried making a towel cake before or do you have other easy DIY gift ideas?

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