How To Keep Towels Secure With Style: Bathroom Hand Towel Idea

Today, I've got a clever bathroom hand towel idea to share, ensuring they stay right where they belong—on their designated hooks.

Despite outfitting all our bathrooms with handy towel rails, my family seems convinced that the floor is the ideal spot for post-handwashing towel placement. Go figure!

My attempt with elastic loops to prevent them from slipping off the hooks proved futile. The towels continued to find their way to the ground, and the laundry basket grew heavier with 20 hand towels a day.

In desperate need of a solution, I turned to a simple addition—buttons.

By strategically placing a button underneath the elastic loop, the towel is now secure, resisting any attempts by the kids to relocate it to the floor.

Let me show you how it's super simple!

Tools and Materials:

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Hand towel hanging solutions

1. Find the Middle and Fold

You need to find the midpoint of your towel.

Start by folding your hand towel in half.

DIY towel organization

Next, fold it over again.

Ribbon and button towel hack

This will be the general area where you will attach the elastic loop and button.

Preventing towels from falling

2. Sew on an Elastic Loop

Sew an elastic loop just above the midpoint. Make sure it's secure.

Hand towel hanging idea

3. Secure with a Button

A little below the elastic, sew on a button.

And that’s it! Your hand towel is now equipped to stay firmly in place on the rod.

Hand towel DIY project

These simple additions will make sure your towels remain in place!

Towel hanging tricks

This isn’t just for the bathroom.

You can hook these on cupboards in the kitchen or to an oven rail.

More Towel Hanging Tips

If you are looking for another great idea, check out this post on an Easy Hanging Kitchen Towel Hack.

Button-secured hand towels

Bathroom Hand Towel Idea

I am delighted with this DIY solution. It not only prevents towels from ending up on the floor but also reduces the frequency of laundry days.

Now, I only need to figure out a similar trick to encourage my family to hang up their bath towels.

Any ideas?

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  • Jbj9328573 Jbj9328573 on Dec 27, 2023
    I made these for Christmas gifts!! I use hair ties instead of elastic .
  • Deb55097247 Deb55097247 on Feb 08, 2024
    GREAT IDEA!!! I need to do this but for my kitchen towels.... like you I am so tired of picking up kitchen towels that fall off my oven door handle, this is the ANSWER!! All you ever see is the crocheted type holder or the hot pad sewn on with a button, but with those you don't have use of the complete towel, yours is easy, simple to make and it doesn't interfere with the use of the towel. Thanks so very much!!!