1. Glass Mosaic Tile Framed Bathroom Mirror

If you're wondering how to frame a bathroom mirror with mosaic tiles, then Hometalker Kelli has come up with a clever solution that doesn’t require any grout. Use Loctite Power Grab to stick each glass mosaic tile into its place and leave time for the glue to dry. Tape off the tiles and use bathroom grade white caulk to finish the job.  Get tutorial here

2. Large White Framed Bathroom Mirrors

This huge builder grade bathroom mirror may have previously lacked character, but the addition of a frame has turned it into a more luxurious piece. Hometalker Amy Anderson caulked the seams of his bathroom mirror and gave the frame a fresh coat of white paint, with its smooth finish shining in the glow of the vanity lights above the piece. Get tutorial here

3. White Frame for Builder Grade Bathroom Mirror

Knowing how to frame a bathroom mirror of a considerable size can be a big problem to solve, but Hometalker Amber Oliver has shown how builder grade mirrors can become more interesting to look at. Glue on the corner pieces, then cut the trim board to fit the spaces in between. Use tape to help the trim to stay in place while the glue is drying.  Get tutorial here

4. Framed Bathroom Mirrors with Middle Cabinet

With the addition of a middle cabinet, you can turn one large and unwieldy mirror into two framed mirrors. The use of white framing makes the middle cabinet and the mirrors appear as if they are one continuous piece, which backs up the theme of the bathroom. This is proof of how white framed bathroom mirrors can be powerful in their simplicity.  Get tutorial here

5. Seamless Wooden DIY Bathroom Mirror Frame

With some careful measuring, you can create a frame that looks like one unbroken piece of wood. Hometalker Homeroad cut trim molding to meet the mirror's measurements, using wood glue and L brackets to create seamless corners. They used construction adhesive and clamps to keep the mirror in place for 24 hours, giving the glue plenty of time to dry. Get tutorial here

6. Chunky and Rustic Wood Framed Bathroom Mirror

This wood framed bathroom mirror has a rustic finish, with the chunky frame and some exposed rusty nails providing character. The wood also serves the purpose of hiding the wiring for the vanity light, proof that mirror frames can have both functional and aesthetic qualities. This kind of mirror frame works perfectly as part of a farmhouse theme. Get tutorial here

7. A Colorful Gem of a Framed Bathroom Mirror

Whoever said that framed bathroom mirrors can't be colorful? Not Hometalker Lea Grossman, who turned a plain wood framed bathroom mirror into something that has every color of the rainbow. Silver spray paint covers the wood, while sticky glue holds the gems in place. You can experiment with the size and style of the gems to make a unique design.  Get tutorial here

8. How to Frame a Bathroom Mirror With Flooring

If you have spare wood flooring pieces, why not turn them into a mirror frame? Their design allows the mirror to sit inside of the frame while hiding the beveled edges of the mirror. The use of lacquer has produced a classy black framed bathroom mirror, with just a few alterations to the flooring pieces needed to turn them into framing material. Get tutorial here

9. Easy DIY Bathroom Mirror Frame Method

Hometalker Michael Scott used this method on three framed bathroom mirrors, so you can be sure that it is simple and effective. Cut trim boards to size, nail into place, then fill cracks and seams with caulk. Once the caulk is dry, paint in your chosen color. Layers of grey wax and clear wax give these DIY bathroom mirror frames a perfect finish.  Get tutorial here

10. Modern Wood Framed Bathroom Mirror Idea

This wood framed bathroom mirror isn't as rustic as you might expect from these materials. Instead, the slim wooden frame provides much more of a modern feel. Cut the wood and stain before attaching the frame to the wall. Use wood glue to complete the process. The end result is a tasteful and subtle frame that really allows the mirror to shine in this nautical-feel bathroom. Get tutorial here

11. Replace Plastic Clips for White Mirror Frame

Plastic clips can get in the way of a white framed bathroom mirror redesign, but there is a way around this. Hometalker Ann replaced the original plastic clips from this 1970s mirror, using washers to allow the frame to sit flat on the mirror. Each side of the frame can then be attached to the wall – do it one at a time to ensure that it all fits.  Get tutorial here

12. Patterned DIY Bathroom Mirror Frame

Hometalker Lauren of Mom Home Guide used decorative molding from Home Depot for this charming mirror frame. The coating of chalk paint ensuring that the mirror fits with the bathroom vanity. The leafy pattern of this DIY bathroom mirror frame is striking, and it could be perfect for those who have a strong nature theme in their house.   Get tutorial here

13. Wood Framed Bathroom Mirror Stuck with Velcro

Hometalker Thrifty Artsy Girl used reclaimed wooden fence pickets for the frame, cleaning them before use. Velcro attaches the wood to the wall - a novel idea that works well given the lightweight nature of the pickets. The use of Velcro means that the wood bathroom mirror frame is easy to remove if needed, although it looks too good to take down. Get tutorial here

14. Sleek and Chic Black Framed Bathroom Mirror

This cool and modern black framed bathroom mirror used to be a standard builder grade item. Hometalker Shanty2Chic cut the chunky frame to size and spray painted with two coats of black gloss. The gloss was also used on the wooden faceplate attached to the frame, so the outlet doesn't detract from the design of the DIY bathroom mirror frame. Get tutorial here

15. Crown Molded White Framed Bathroom Mirror

This white framed bathroom mirror is an elegant centerpiece in a master bathroom. The use of crown molding on the top part of the frame naturally draws the eye upwards. Given that the area above the framed bathroom mirror would otherwise go unused, the tasteful use of the crown molding brings some dead space to life and makes the bathroom feel larger and taller. Get tutorial here

16. How to Frame a Bathroom Mirror with Tiles

Hometalker Sherre M has created a framed bathroom mirror with mosaic tiles – an inexpensive solution that brings an easy elegance to the room. An adhesive tile mat can be a great alternative to mortar for applying the tiles. Cut the mat the same size as the tile, then press and peel to form the frame. You can then add grout to finish the job.  Get tutorial here

17. Upgrading a Builder Grade Bathroom Mirror

It isn't always easy to replace a large builder grade mirror, but you may want to upgrade its design. This is where a frame comes in handy, and you don't even have to lose the plentiful mirror space. Hometalker Stephanie opted not to use any mitered corners in this design, while the crown molding at the top gives a classy finish to the frame. Get tutorial here