Large Bathroom Mirror redo to double framed mirrors and cabinet

Danielle Fraser
by Danielle Fraser
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Everyone hates the 6+ foot mirror that all main bathrooms seem to come with. Soooo we took an idea from a fellow pinterester and made it our own (so to speak). This is NOT a one day project but the results are worth the time :)
You will need
1"x4" MDF (32 ft)
1/2 birch plywd
Trim (40 ft)
Baseboard (3 ft)
All building supplies for the mirror/cabinet project approx. 40.00
Lights - 38.00 each on sale
New faux wood blind - 39.00
Paint - 5.00 (bought a mis tint from Rona)
1 can of brushed Nickel spray paint 10.00
we also did floating shelves in the water closet (another idea I got from a fellow Pinterester)
We only needed 2 shelves for this bathroom
but made 6 shelves
24X 8 inches with supports
1 sheet of 1/4 plywood, sanded on one side
10 1×2 pine boards
floating shelves supplies 20.00
when all was said and done the total reno for this bathroom was 190.00
Have fun with it and make it your own
Took mirror off then checked out pinterest for ideas then realized it didnt have to come off :(
Soooo removed the one 4 light fixture and put in 2 two bulbed light fixtures The advantage to removing the mirror was we could cut the drywall behind the mirror to make new holes for the new lights
Room primed and painted and the mirror was reattached
also painted our cabinets in a trim and door paint
Middle cabinet in place new light fixtures connected and now onto the framing of the mirrors
Bottom of cabinet dressed then realized I needed more height to cover the original light "hole" grrr
NOTE: the cabinet was not from the counter top up it was actually started at the "back splash" just because the "back splash" is beveled and it just made it easier to start with something flat and dress and trim the bottom
We also spray painted the knobs a brushed nickel
And spray painted the hugger lights with the brushed nickel
The supports for the floating shelves
Finished floating shelf project
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  • Sandra Sandra on Nov 12, 2019

    can you post a bigger picture beautiful hairstyle? I googled Curl Up & Dye...which one ....I'm hoping it's near Austin....

  • Valerie S Crider Valerie S Crider on Mar 14, 2020

    Anyplace to buy that cabinet?

  • Joann Joann on Nov 12, 2020

    Where did you find the cabinet and how is it attached. My vanity area looks just like that and I’ve been wanting to up date it.

    I love this idea.

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  • Maura Campbell Maura Campbell on Nov 13, 2019

    This requires some carpentry tools and skills many of us (like me!!) may not have, but you did a fantastic job!! What a transformation!

  • Julie Julie on Nov 12, 2020

    I really like what you did! It looks like a totally different space & so good! Thanks for sharing & I may try to do a kind of mini version of this, but you've definitely given me some inspiration. 😄