Revamp that large bathroom mirror

Robert A
by Robert A
I added shelves and some trim to dress up the large bathroom mirror.
*Options I considered for this project:
We considered replacing the mirror altogether, but decided to go the less expensive route first and see how long it would buy us.
*Questions and unexpected events that arose during the project:
I didn't know how well the mirror was attached to the wall. I also didn't know how well my adhesive would adhere to the mirror and trim.
* Cost Comments:
1"x4" MDF (32 ft) - $20
1/2 birch plywd - $15
Trim (40 ft) - $20
Crown (3 ft) - $4.50
Lights - $60
*My motivation to do this project:
The mirror was large and an eye sore. We wanted something a little nicer.
*Project Steps:
The first step was to replace the single light fixture with matching twin ones. I ran the wiring, secured the boxes and mounted the new lights. This was required due to the shelving unit. I then measured out the surface and determined the size of the shelving unit. Then I purchased the materials and started designing as I cut. The shelving unit was assembled and attached first. It was ~2 inches higher than the mirror and secured to a stud to help support the mirror against the wall. The trim and molding was measured, cut and secured using GOOP adhesive and tape to hold in place until it was dry.
Don't assume the mirror is attached to the wall well enough to hold the additional weight. Make sure it is supported fully.
Do measure twice and cut once.
Wood, MDF, Trim - $0.00
Light fixtures - $0.00
Before project began
Added shelving unit and attached to wall just above mirror to help anchor the weight
Set out the trim and molding
Used GOOP adhesive to position MDF on mirror front. It was held in place by tape until it dried
Finished product without cutting or removing the original mirror.
Frequently asked questions
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  • Dmorningstar Dmorningstar on Feb 20, 2019

    Did anyone find the shelving unit and what kind of wood is used to frame the mirror?

  • Loudee Loudee on Aug 21, 2019

    Where did you purchase the shelving unit? Is it over 42” high?

  • Tracy Tracy on Aug 28, 2020

    I definitely want to try this project, but I am stumped with this one issue. Can you explain how you got the shelf to sit flush against the countertops since there is an obvious curve and not a 90 degree angle?

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  • Dee Dee Dee Dee on Apr 20, 2020

    How did you get the molding around the mirror to be flush against the wall or did you just caulk it?

    Turned out beautiful and has inspired me!

    Thank you for sharing!

    • David David on Nov 21, 2020

      From what I remember when I did mine it was a perfect fit.

  • Heather Roden Carlisle Heather Roden Carlisle on Jul 26, 2020

    Totally inspired! I have the same butt-ugly huge bathroom mirror that is framed/edged in more mirror. I am totally gonna copy your fabulous idea. I already have two light fixtures, so half way there. I also am going to cheat and have purchased a small cabinet so I don't have to build anything. Replacing the tub/shower too, and floors! Major projects :-)

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    • David David on Oct 30, 2020

      What I did is I held the side piece on the outside of the counter and traced the curve. And cut it with my jigsaw. Surprised me how perfect it turned out.