Make a stunning rainbow kitchen trivet

You’ll have no problem serving your dishes on this piece of art. Get tutorial here

Turn it into a magnetic chalkboard

This teacher chose to use it for attendance, but you can use it for almost anything. Get tutorial here

Add fabric for a stylish magnetic board

Whether this is part of your command center or craft room, this is a great thing to have. Get tutorial here

Or spray paint it for the same effect

We love the bright, blue color on this magnetic board. Get tutorial here

Add gold leaf for a fabulous serving tray

You can serve about anything on this super chic tray. Get tutorial here

Glue matches to it for a new years sign

Who wouldn’t want to light up the new year with this awesome tray? Get tutorial here

Use it for your kid’s magnets

It’s like having a portable fridge for magnet play time. Get tutorial here

Turn it into a bird bath for hummingbirds

You’ll hear chirping every morning with this adorable bath tray. Get tutorial here

Use a needle to get a punched-tin look

This homemade faux punched tin gets you that expensive look for much less. Get tutorial here

Melt beads on it for sparkling garden art

If you hang it on a tree, it might also work as a sun catcher. Get tutorial here

Turn it into beach wall art

Some gold spray paint and a beach print creates a cool piece of wall art in no time. Get tutorial here

Paint it into a decorative chalkboard

i'm totally going to use this in my kitchen to display the menu for the week. Get tutorial here

Turn it into a farmhouse footed tray

There are so many places you can put this adorable tray, you might want to make more than one. Get tutorial here

Use concrete to make a halloween tombstone

Decorate your house for Halloween with this spooky idea. Get tutorial here