1. Outdoor Wood-Burning Fireplace

This modern wood-burning fireplace is made from cultured stone, so it has a smooth and clean finish. The fire pit table is made from a stainless steel Get tutorial here

2. A Modern and Minimal Outdoor Fireplace

Hometalker Christine shows just how effective minimalistic outdoor fireplaces can be. This austere-looking outdoor fireplace has a painted finish and Get tutorial here

3. Light Your Table On Fire!

A fire table is the heart and soul of any party. OnTheFly…DIY created it easily, too. She removed a tile from the table and added a metal planter that Get tutorial here

4. Tiered Outdoor Propane Fireplace

A tiered fire pit like this separates the dining area from the outdoor kitchen. It’s an impressive statement piece and is perfect for dining with a vi Get tutorial here

5. All in One Oven, Grill, and Fire Pit

Hometalker Andrew spent four days building a traditional Temani grill. It started with a 50-gallon drum that has three rack levels welded onto the sid Get tutorial here

6. Create a Focal Point with a Fire Pit

Fire pits create a focal point in the garden. But, sometimes, how you surround the pit creates as much of an impact as the pit itself. Forever Green L Get tutorial here

7. Add a Roof for Year-Round Warmth

If you want to extend your outdoor time even further into the year, then adding a beautiful roof to an outdoor gas fireplace is a great option. Here, Get tutorial here

8. Scale-Up Basic Outdoor Fireplace Kits

Outdoor fireplace ideas don’t get more extravagant than this. It started as an oven builder’s kit but eventually became a fully-functioning kitchen, c Get tutorial here

9. Create Ambience with Gas Campfires

Natural gas campfires are warm and glowing. As the flame’s exposed, you need to place your fire carefully, paying attention to the direction of the wi Get tutorial here

10. A Gaudi-Inspired Masterpiece

Hometalker Pechnik built his outdoor fireplace in the style of Gaudi’s parabolic arch. It includes glass and ceramics at the top of the parabola, so y Get tutorial here

11. Outdoor Fires That Combine the Elements

The combination of fire and water creates a real wow factor, particularly when this beautiful feature is illuminated at night. Featuring an 8’ drop th Get tutorial here

12. An Industrial Patio Heater

A fire pit doesn’t have to be recessed. Hometalker Eamon Walsh used two gas cylinders to create an industrial-style patio heater. He removed the valve Get tutorial here

13. Industrial Chic with Concrete

Although widely considered as a traditional feature, a fire pit can be chic and modern. This rustic concrete block on wheels is the perfect example. N Get tutorial here

14. An Outdoor Gas Fireplace for Beginners

This is a simple way to add flair to your outdoor space. To create the bowl, use quick setting concrete and smooth it with a wet sponge. Then add a ch Get tutorial here

15. Raise a Glass by a Bar Fire Pit

A raised fire pit doubles as a bar where you can sit and enjoy an evening drink. The glass case that surrounds the flame is perfect for making sure yo Get tutorial here

16. Go for the Organic Look

By using staggered inlaid stone and rustic-colored fire stones on a crossfire burner, Ray Stone created a look that connected with the surrounding nat Get tutorial here

17. Build an Oasis Away from It All

Most people build outdoor fireplaces close to their homes, but by building one at the end of the garden, you’ll create a tranquil retreat. For extra s Get tutorial here

18. Make Sure Your Space is Multi-Purpose

Fire pits get plenty of use during winter and fall, but by accessorizing properly, you can get the most out of them in summer, too. Use a Kreg Jig to Get tutorial here

19. Add the Finishing Touches

By adding a cover to your propane tank, you’ll ensure nothing ruins the look of your outdoor propane fireplace. If you build a fire pit, it’s unlikely Get tutorial here