Outdoor Wood Burning Oven, Grill and Fire Pit - All in One

Andrew Kazakoff
by Andrew Kazakoff
4 Days
Traditionally called a Temani Grill (from Yemen), this grill/oven is a 50 gallon drum with 3 rack levels welded onto the sides. The lowest rack about 2 feet deep is for oven cooking and the top most rack is for a beautiful decorative fire.
Father and Son Job! 4 days to complete the job. Located in VT. Our decorative fire goes on the top most rack. Note: The fire rack is galvanized steel, the cooking racks are weber grill racks and we use a weber grill top.
Notice the exhaust pipe. This is a 50 gallon drum, that was inserted 22 inches into the ground late spring when the earth was soft.
We dug out the earth around the drum, and spread out sand in order to start our field stone foundation. We then used quick dry concrete to place the stones.
The 50 Gallon drum has drainage holes in the bottom and 3 rack levels that are welded on the inside allowing for remove-able racks.
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