How to Declutter Like a Pro: DIY Organization Tips for a Tidy Home

Say goodbye to chaos and hello to a well-organized home with my guide to DIY organization tips. You can see more of my crazy creations here

I'll unveil simple yet ingenious solutions to enhance the functionality of your living spaces.

Whether you're looking for a unique way to store towels or seeking to maximize closet space, these DIY ideas are here to inspire and guide you.

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Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas

Transform your bathroom storage with this DIY organization tip.

Towel rack idea
Dish stacking racks

Tools and Materials:

Creative DIY bathroom towel storage

1. Overlapping Racks

Grab two dish stacking racks and place them overlapping each other.

Connect the racks

2. Secure with Zip Ties

Use white zip ties to secure the dish racks tightly. Trim excess zip ties.

Attach racks to the wall

3. Vertical Hanging

Install wall hooks and hang the assembled racks vertically.

Bathroom towel storage on a budget

4. Roll and Hang

Roll up towels and place them between the legs of the dish racks.

Now, you have a functional and organized towel storage solution in your bathroom.

Shower curtain hooks

DIY Closet Organizer

Revamp your cupboard with this closet-organizing tip.

Tools and Materials:

How to optimize closet space with DIY organizers

1. Ring Installation

Hang shower curtain rings on a rod in your closet.

Hang jeans

2. Jeans Hanging

Fold your jeans in half and place the hooks through the shower curtain rings.

Clever purse storage

3. Purse Storage

For purses, put their handles through the curtain rings.

Place shower hooks on a hanger

4. Tank Top Display

Hang curtain rings on a hanger.

Hang tank tops

Organize tank tops for easy access.

How to store flip-flops

Flip-Flop Storage

Keep your flip-flops in order with this simple storage solution.

Tools and Materials:

Organize your sandals

1. Basket Placement

Place your flip-flops in a V formation within a basket.

Smart flip-flop organization

2. Shelf Storage

Once filled, position the basket on a shelf for easy access.

DIY closet organizer

DIY Hanging Baskets

Create versatile hanging baskets for different items using this DIY organization idea.

Easy steps to closet organization with shower curtain rings

Tools and Materials:

Attach a second basket with shower rings

1. Basket Assembly

Attach four shower hanging hooks to the corners of one wire basket. Connect another basket using hooks to the first one and repeat with a third wire basket.

Hang on the rod from top rings

2. Hang in Closet

Use these basket shelves in your closet by hooking it onto the rod.

Practical DIY organization

Over Door Storage

Optimize door space with this stylish and functional DIY storage.

Mini crate holder

Tools and Materials:

Stylish and functional over door storage for accessories

1. Paint Crates

Paint wooden crates with white acrylic paint for a clean look.

Innovative storage

2. Over Door Installation

Slide the painted crates onto an over-the-door hanging rack.

More Clever Home Hacks

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DIY space optimization

Organizing Hacks: Affordable and Clever Storage Solutions

With these easy-to-follow DIY organization tips, you can declutter your living space and bring order to chaos.

Try implementing these solutions and share your experience in the comments below.

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