DIY Bedroom Closet Ideas

Trying to plan out your bedroom closet and need some help? Curious to know where to get started and how? We have the answers for you. From tutorial videos to top projects, we have ideas to inspire you and get you going in the exciting world of bedroom closets. Be sure to follow the popular discussions happening right now on the topic.

The Ideal Bedroom Closet
Have it made
If you can afford it, have a custom or fitted closet built. You'll make the best use of your space and have something totally unique.
Choose neutral colors
By choosing natural wood or neutral colors, your closet won't stand out too much, blending naturally into the room.
Keep the top clear
If your closet has space on top, you might be tempted to use it for storage, but this will create an untidy effect.
Be child safe
Even if your kids are teenagers, it is always a good idea to secure a closet to the wall to prevent it from falling.
Be strict
You don’t want your closet to turn into a dumping ground for household items. Keep it for clothing and bedding only and make no exceptions!
Top Projects for Bedroom Closets

We've compiled the top DIY projects for bedroom closets. Prepare to be inspired.

Bedroom Closet Videos

Looking for video tutorials to get you started with your first DIY bedroom closet?

Dollar Store Closet Hacks

This post was transcribed by a member of the Hometalk editorial team from the original HometalkTV episode.Organizing your closet has never been so easy! Head to your dollar store for some supplies and you will have it tidy in no time.

Installing a Sloped Ceiling Wardrobe - in 2 Minutes!

With a day available to install this wardrobe, we started at 730 and completed by 330! The video at the bottom of this post show the 2 minute timelapse of this project. Everything we do is handmade. We are so proud of that and hope you enjoy our handmade sloped ceiling wardrobe. We had previously made this in our workshop a few days prior.The interior is all made from mdf sander to a fine p240 finish, with the option of the client painting once installed. The exterior was made from Birch ply and oiled in a raw polyx oil from OSMO brand. The interior was a mixture of adjustable shelving, hanging and drawers.The doors were all soft close and finger pull handles and mirror were added last.We received an email from our client who requested a wardrobe for a room that had a sloped ceiling. We received a photo of the space and a sketch of what he wanted for the space with rough measurements. We proved an initial estimate via email and then arranged for our joiner to visit the client to discuss materials and design. Following this visit we produced a computer design and a final quote.After initially wanting a white hand painted/spray finish the client really liked the birch faced ply finish. To keep costs down the client opted for an unpainted MDF interior and a birch faced ply exterior.After a deposit has been received our next step is to draw up a cutting list. With a sloped ceiling this can be very tricky so we use a computer programme called sketch up to draw up to scale the design.A cutting list is drawn up and sent to our wood suppliers. We have our materials cut to size at the suppliers to save time.After taking delivery of the materials, our first job is to sand the edges and machine the components. We pre- drill holes and machine biscuit joints.We then construct the units in our workshop ready for fitting.Whilst on site our first job is to lay down protection and cover all surfaces. We then fix bearers to the floor which are levelled for the units to be screwed to. The units are put in place levelled up and screwed together. We then hang the doors and fit any additional components such as push release handles. The last step for construction is to fit the trims which often take the longest. We scribe our trims to the walls which in most cases are not straight.Once construction is complete we clean up the unit, polishing the carcasses and doors ready to be loaded up by our client.

Closet / Wardrobe / Storage Shelves

Turning an empty closet space into a usable storage area with shelves and dividers. Geoff takes you through each step and includes an informative You Tube video: ( )

New Bedroom Closet Projects

Need some inspiration for your bedroom closet project? We have all the new projects.

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