DIY Bedroom Vanity Ideas

Are you ready to create the perfect bedroom vanity? Whether your style is farmhouse or modern, we are here to help you with step-by-step instructions of exactly how and what you'll need to do to get started. Check out our DIY video tutorials, discussion boards, slideshows, and top bedroom vanity projects. Welcome to Hometalk.

Choosing A Vanity To Suit You
Think minimalist
Buy a simple vanity rather than something ornate that doesn’t go with the rest of your bedroom.
Hit the lights
Choose a vanity with a lamp and place it near a window. You'll have natural light during the day and be able to do your makeup at night!
Make sure you fit
Before you buy a vanity, sit down at it, making sure that it's comfortable to look in the mirror once sat down.
Choose storage
Select a functional vanity with plenty of drawers. This will help you declutter, keeping your room looking smart.
Use a smart stool
To make even more of your vanity's storage space, pick a stool that has its own storage area built in.
Top Projects for Bedroom Vanities

We hereby present you with the top DIY bedroom vanity projects at Hometalk.

Bedroom Vanity Videos

Watch our DIY video tutorials on bedroom vanities. Great tips here.

Weaving a Ladder Back Chair Seat With Fiber Rush

I had a client with a family heirloom that wanted nothing more than to have the chair seat, that went with the set I was painting, re-weaved. This client knew I like a challenge so I told her I would research how to do it. It seemed a lot like the macrame' I did back in the 70's so I told her I thought we could do it. We did it!!! You can, too. My client was overwhelmed and loved it! Follow along to see how we did it!

Re-purpose an Old Piano / DIY Dressing Table

It took almost an entire year to bring this crazy idea of mine to fruition, but I have finally done it! I have transformed our old piano into a bespoke dressing table for our bedroom! It features two large storage areas as well as a generous table surface - plenty of room to store and organize all my little treasures. Originally made in 1889 by Elmore and Sons, London, our piano is no longer a musical instrument, but now a fun and functional piece of furniture, which definitely sparks joy! The piano used to be in our dining room, but neither Tim nor myself are particularly musical so it was simply a decorative piece. Eventually, we removed the piano from the dining room to make space for an antique sideboard to hold our formal dinner service, and the piano ended up in the garage.Being of no monetary or sentimental value, we initially advertised the piano online, trying to give it away for free. We received no responses, and with so many other pianos available for free up and down the country, (and many in far better condition than ours), I started thinking of ways in which I could turn it into something useful. To begin with, I thought about converting the piano into a desk to use in my crafts room, but Tim actually bought me a large table to use in that room, so I finally decided that what I really needed was a dressing table for our bedroom, and I set about trying to make that idea a reality.