Creative Storage Idea: DIY Organization With a Wire Hanger Hack

Are you tired of seeing plastic containers without lids or clips cluttering your space? Well, I had one of those lonely bins and instead of saying goodbye to it, I came up with a creative storage idea.

Today, I will take you step by step on my journey of creating DIY hanging basket storage.

You probably already have everything you need for this craft at home which means this project is completely free!

Let's begin:

Plastic bin missing a clip and lid

Tools and Materials:

  • Lidless plastic container
  • Wire hanger
  • Cutting tool
  • Wardrobe space
Remove clips from the plastic box

1. Prepare the Bin

If your plastic container has clips, start by removing all of them.

Cut a wire coat hanger

2. Cut the Wire Hanger

Take a wire hanger and cut it in the center.

Upcycling ideas for plastic containers without lids or clips

3. Slide the Hanger Through

Now, slide the cut sides of the hanger through the holes in the box. Begin by inserting one side at a time through all four holes on each side of the box.

If your box had clips, you'll have four holes on each side once the hooks are removed. My holes were spacious enough to accommodate two wires in each hole.

For boxes without holes, you can easily create your own using a hot tool or a sharp pointed object, like a wood-burning tool.

Simple steps to create hanging storage from plastic bins

4. Adjust and Maneuver the Wire

Manipulate the wire hanger as needed to ensure a snug fit inside the box.

Wire hangers are a great choice for this project because they are easy to maneuver and come with a built-in hook at the top.

Repurposing containers with missing lids using wire hangers

5. Hang It Up

Once the wire is in place and adjusted to your liking, take it over to a wardrobe and hang it up.

I placed mine in a seasonal wardrobe, making use of the extra hanging space. I am going to store additional bedding since my linen closet is bursting at the seams.

More Upcycled Bins

For another great container revamp, read this tutorial on Decorating Plastic Storage Bins.

DIY organization with wire hangers and plastic containers

Creative Storage Ideas: Plastic Box and Wire Coat Hangers

This DIY closet storage solution is extremely functional, but not very stylish, so you might want to add a touch of aesthetic appeal.

I'm thinking of wrapping it in rope, but perhaps you have a more exciting idea for me? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Don33430263 Don33430263 on Dec 23, 2023
    Are the wire hangers strong to hold a full bin??
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  • Gbe69776730 Gbe69776730 on Jan 13, 2024
    Glue some pretty gift wrap or paper napkins to the outside of the plastic box to make it pretty. It is a great way to reuse what you had in a new way.
  • Blu105306856 Blu105306856 on Jun 07, 2024
    Use some grosgrain ribbon to wrap the wire.