Haute Surfaces: Metallic Paint on Trim and Molding

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Molding and trim are areas that add style and architectural interest to a home. Imagine giving them a touch of metallic luster for a lovely decorative accent. We all know that picking the right color or decorative finish for a wall or ceiling can be a lot of fun – and now there’s the perfect chance to frame your choices beautifully with the . We thought we’d share a few exciting project ideas with you!
Metallic Paint can easily enhance trim details and they come in a wide selection of colors! Decorative and Faux Finishes used  to transform a vent hood in a kitchen under the direction of designer Missy Stewart Designs. What striking results!
Cynthia Weber used a mix of our in Warm Silver, Champagne, and a touch of Brass for the finish on large, curved crown molding in a traditional home. It makes a wonderful difference to this space!
Artist Jeff Monsein of Splat Paint used the rich and dark English Brown Metallic Paint to paint and enhance the window casings, doors, and door casings of Mirasol in Tampa, FL. What a difference from plain white!
Lastly, bathrooms are a wonderful space to play with color and design. Here, the Decorative and Faux Finishes studio used a mix of Champagne and Warm Silver Metallic Paint to achieve the perfect shade for the crown molding and trim.

We hope we've inspired you to look at your home with creative enthusiasm. As they say, it's all in the details! For more inspiration click the link below to visit our Café blog. We'll see you there!
Suggested materials:
  • Modern Masters Metallic Paint   (https://www.modernmasters.com/landing/homeowners/brands/mpc)
  • Modern Masters Matte Metallic Paint   (https://www.modernmasters.com/landing/homeowners/brands/mpc)
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