Transform one into a groovy hanging planter

Spray paint an old light globe, add hydrangeas, create a macrame hanger from twine, and display. Get tutorial here

Reimagine an outdoor light as holiday decor

Remove the wiring and pieces, then spray paint to add glam to your winter mantle. Get tutorial here

Convert vanity lights into a candle holder

Remove the fittings, clean with a wash cloth, then spray paint & you’ve got a gorgeous candle holder. Get tutorial here

Or turn hollywood lights into a centerpiece

Grab a vanity strip, paint, glue glass holder onto the base and repurpose as a Christmas candle centerpiece. Get tutorial here

Go mad with this lampshade turned top hat

Alice in Wonderland fans; cut a shade, stiffen with a hanger, cover with padding then velvet. Mad hatter! Get tutorial here

Build a chic modern globe planter

Cut wood into strips to create a cube to frame the globe, glue it, then add the plant and a chain. Get tutorial here

Give a lampshade a new home in your garden

Strip a lampshade to it’s wire base and reuse it as a makeshift leaf cage for your Hostas. Get tutorial here

Turn a light into a mystical crystal ball

Paste star stickers on the light globe, spray paint it with glitter spray paint then remove the stickers. Get tutorial here

Flip it and make it table decor

Rip the paper off a shade and add chicken wire, then fill it with fall foliage. Too cute! Get tutorial here

Make your guest smile with emoji shades

Turn old glass shades into hilarious Halloween decor with some felt and colored lights. Get tutorial here

Use one to glam up your garden path

Grab an old light globe, cover it in Dollar Store gems and put on top of a pathway torch. Get tutorial here

Repaint one and add it to a ceiling fan

Got a fan with an awkward light bulb in the middle? Cover it with a wire shade to improve it. Get tutorial here

Turn a standing lamp into a planter

Spray paint, add stuffing and earth then insert the plant of your choice. So pretty! Get tutorial here

Decorate broken ones for gorgeous decor

Use chalk paint to cover up the design, distress, attach ceramic plates, wire candle holders & done. Get tutorial here