Concrete Soap Dishes DIY

by Da.herrmann
5 Materials
15 Minutes
Collected souvenirs at the beach or the banks of a river? Use some left-over concrete for creating these easy but surprising soap dishes!
The German instructions are to be found here:
Cobble stones from the Danube River
Cobble stones, collected at the banks of the River Danube, Weltenburg Monastry, Bavaria. But you can use whatever comes across your mind: Seashells, glass nuggets, shards of pottery.
Use some empty plastic bowls. Mine are from cottage cheese or cream cheese. You have to prep them with some oil as a separator. It can be the cheapest oil in your kitchen for that purpose. If you fail to oil the inside of your plastic containers they will stick to the concrete forever.
I use my favourite old rubber bowl for mixing the concrete. You can use any bowl you like, as long as it is easy to clean or disposable. Instead of concrete (mine was a leftover from our buidling site and has even little stones in it), you can also use tile glue or grout (which might be left over from the mosaic fish, remember?).
Please be careful with these substances: use a mask to avoid breathing-in the dust.icon
Add water to your concrete drop by drop. It doesn't need much. Stir well. You should get a consistence like yoghourt or even white cheese.
More patient people can also follow the instructions on the packing ;o)
Pour it into your oil-prepared plastic molds. Two centimeters should be enough, depending on the size of your cobble stones.
Arrange your stones in it and let it cure for a while (depending on what you used: concrete, tile glue, grout)
Soap dish with cobble stones and glass
Use whatever comes to your mind. The blue thing in the middle is a ring top from my lampwork studio, a little mishap (not really round, no flat bottom, it needed a new purpose). Even marbles, glass nuggets, etc. will do. Whatever you can find.
Concrete needs longer to cure than expected icon ; the thing about patience.
But don't worry, just take out your stones, wash them and start again. But be careful to get off all oil from the stones or glass. The oil is a perfect separator and will not allow that the stones stick to the concrete. Wash well with dish washing detergent.
Tataaaaa! Beautiful rustic soap dishes. Done in a few minutes plus curing .... You can wax or oil the surface, if you like.
Suggested materials:
  • Plastic molds   (Don't dispose your cream cheese containers!)
  • Salad oil   (your kitchen)
  • Concrete, tile glue or grout   (construction market or any left-overs from a building site)
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