Build a quick wall organizer for men

Counter clutter drives everyone crazy, so keep grooming supplies on an off-the-counter rack. Get tutorial here

Make a mason jar organizer for the wall

Create this easy organizer in half an hour to hold toothbrushes, toiletries, etc. Get tutorial here

Put hair & body products in hand soap bottles

Pour your shampoos & body washes into empty hand soap bottles to clear bottle clutter! Get tutorial here

Get easy shelves by putting baskets on a wall

Screw a bunch of woven baskets onto an open bathroom wall and gain ample storage in an instant. Get tutorial here

Use extra utensil trays to organize drawers

Utensil trays aren't only good for kitchens - put them in vanity drawers for toiletries & accessories. Get tutorial here

Add a quick toilet paper rack under the sink

In 3 steps, you'll have a new place to put toilet paper that's close by, but out of the way. Get tutorial here

Hang a bar over the tub for toy baskets

Put a bar up over your bathtub to store bins of bath toys or hold your magazine while you soak. Get tutorial here

Use baskets to corral cupboard clutter

Instead of having mini shampoo bottles or packs of cotton balls floating, stow them in baskets. Get tutorial here

Or turn empty cardboard boxes into baskets

Short on baskets? Cut a few cardboard boxes to the shape you need and wrap them in rope. Get tutorial here

Use tension rods to store beauty supplies

Keep hanging space for jewelry & makeup instead of having them strewn across the vanity. Get tutorial here

Make fast toothbrush holders from bottle caps

Turn large bottle caps into minimalist toothbrush holders and stick them up with velcro. Get tutorial here

Grab cheap bins to organize under the sink

Using bins, baskets & drawers from the Dollar Store, bring order to the chaos under the sink. Get tutorial here

Repurpose glass containers into easy storage

Turn containers from jam, candles, and anything else you can find into chic supply jars. Get tutorial here