Modern Concrete Soap Dish DIY

Julian Do It
by Julian Do It
4 Materials
2 Hours
This project is about how to build a concrete soap dish. It's made with hand tools only and holds the soap without borders through a wooden pattern.
Preparation: Get all the tools and materials (full list in Youtube Video description)
Cutting wooden board
Step 1: Cut the wooden board to the desired size. I've chosen 8x8cm because it fits the best for the most soaps I use. The size you chose here will be the size of the soap dish at the end.
Make wood grain "3D"
Step 2: Take a chisel and hold it at an angle. Remove wood from where the wood grain is colored lighter. Tip: Use Double-sided adhesive tape to stop piece from moving

Step 3: Use the saw to make 4 side pieces. The length should be the length of your base + the thickness of the wooden board but it's not important to be too exact if you arrange the sides the way it's shown in the picture. Use adhesive tape to tape everything togehter and make sure to cover where wood pieces meet very well.
Paint with oil
Step 4: Use common household oil to paint the inside of the mold. The oil helps the concrete not to stick to the mold.
Pour concrete
Step 5: Mix concrete with water (the best amount of water for your concrete mix is written in product Information on packaging) and pour it. I put in concrete until it was about 1cm thick. Shake it very well to make the air bubbles come out. Cover with a plastic foil and place it in a shady place. Wait for the concrete to cure.
Remove Mold
Step 6: Remove the mold after curing time. It should look similar to the one in the picture.
Add feet
Step 7: Add little feet so that your sink won't scratch. I just cut little pieces from a hot glue stick and glued them to the bottom. I made the feet 3mm thick.
Seal the soap dish
Step 8: Use a concrete sealer to seal your new soap dish. I used a matte lacquer and applied it twice.
Step 9: Chose your favorite soap and place it in your bathroom :)

I hope to see you soon on my Youtube Channel

Thank you very much for watching/reading and have fun with your new homemade designer soap dish.
Suggested materials:
  • Concrete mix   (Hardware store)
  • Wooden board   (Hardware store)
  • Oil   (Supermarket)
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  • Cher Cher on Jul 26, 2017

    Simple and chic. Can you color the concrete?

  • Rosana Halprine Rosana Halprine on Aug 01, 2017

    Could you add color to the concrete mix if you wanted to make a soapdish to match your decor. If so, what type of colorant would you use.

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