diy fall wheat wreath

DIY Fall Wheat Wreath

I love dried natural looking flowers, grass, branches, etc. So it is no surprise that I love this wreath made out of dried wheat and it is a great decoration for fall and the Thanksgiving holiday.This project definitely makes a mess. Be prepared with a broom and a vacuum. Beware the wheat gets stuck in your carpet.Here is what you need.

easy transfer to fabric technique diy kitchen herb towels

Easy Transfer to Fabric Technique - DIY Kitchen Herb Towels

Make your own kitchen herb towels using this easy image transfer to fabric technique. Looking for a cheap and easy way to add some character and style to your kitchen? Kitchen towels are a fabulous way to add color and personality to your kitchen space and are easily changed out for the holidays and seasons. Use this image transfer to fabric paper that requires no fancy pants laser printer. For this tutorial an inkjet printer works perfect.

how to paint interior doors budget friendly way to add style

How to Paint Interior Doors - Budget Friendly Way to Add Style

Painting interior doors adds style, character and contrast to your walls and rooms. It can make a subtle or bold statement depending on the chosen color. I have seen several different colors and tones that look amazing for interior doors such as blues, greens, tans, grays, reds and even black. Have fun with color and don't be afraid to experiment in your own space. Our door and door trim in our basement home gym were wood color. As you can see there was a lot that was wood color. Here is what the doors and home gym looked like before.

how to frame a large mirror

How to Frame a Large Mirror

Add a wood frame to a plain ole mirror to add character and style. Buying a framed mirror can cost several hundred dollars or you can DIY your own for a fraction of the cost. We installed two large mirrors during our home gym remodel with the plan to add a wood frame. This picture was after we installed our mirrors during the home gym remodel. Our two mirrors measured 5 x 3 ft each.

how to make a ceiling mounted pull up bar

How to Make a Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar

A ceiling mounted pull up bar is a perfect addition to a home gym. Here is a detailed tutorial to make your own. Here is what our home gym looked like when we moved into our house. We are slowly progressing through to get it to the final stage.

how to build a farmhouse wood tray

How to Build a Farmhouse Wood Tray

In the process of adding some finishing touches to our kitchen I really felt like something was missing above the fridge. I knew some sort of tray with decorative items in it would fit the bill.Here are my cuts.

how to make lanterns from scrap wood

How to Make Lanterns From Scrap Wood

I love scrap wood projects! If you have been working with wood for any length of time you have probably built up an awesome pile of wood. I say awesome because there are so many amazing projects that can be made from scrap wood. So protect those scraps from anyone at all costs and stick with me through this post and I will show you how to make your own scrap wood lanterns.These lanterns will work fabulous on the front porch, in the backyard or inside as a decor item on a console table. Not including the drawer knobs my lanterns measured 17 inches for the small lantern and almost 21 inches for the larger lantern. Start out by sifting through your pile of scrap wood.

how to add shiplap to a kitchen island 15 to add character

How to Add Shiplap to a Kitchen Island - $15 to Add Character

As we continue to add finishing touches to our kitchen I am always looking for DIY's that add character on a budget. Adding character to your space doesn't have to break the bank. In fact my Farmhouse Cabinet Trim post and this Shiplap a Kitchen Island post I am about to share with you both cost under $25 to complete and they came from the same piece of plywood. Here is a before pic.

how to easily hang a picture frame perfectly level

How to Easily Hang a Picture Frame Perfectly Level

Hello!If you are a perfectionist like me (work in progress right) then when something is not level or misaligned it can really be frustrating, especially when I take all measures to prevent a build from being off level or off square. So when I learn a technique that helps to maximize perfection I am all over it and then I want to share it with the rest of those perfectionist out in the world as well. In this quick post I will show you how to hang wall decor when there are two points of contact. For example when there is two eye hooks on the back of an object that needs to be hung on a wall.

how to add farmhouse cabinet trim 15 character add to kitchen

How to Add Farmhouse Cabinet Trim - $15 Character Add to Kitchen

Hello!If you are looking to add some character to your kitchen then this budget friendly Farmhouse Cabinet Trim will work perfect! Plus it only costs around $15 to make.This was our kitchen way before our whole kitchen remodel.

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