Pallet Cucumber Trellis

18 Hours
There are always at least five ideas swimming around in my head at once. Thankfully most of the time my counter-part can decipher my crazed ramblings. Last year we tried to grow cucumbers. It was a pretty big flop. By full blown summer they had ripped down the twine trellis that we'd constructed. They ended up a giant tangled sick mess of a plant, that I was afraid to go near. I was convinced unfriendly snakes were living there. So when Spring started poking it's head out I was all consumed with a way to get the cucumber plants off the ground.
Three days of working it out and building. About an hour to secure the chicken wire down. Now that we have it worked out we could probably build one in an afternoon.
The idea is to train the cucumbers up the sides of the trellis and the fruit will fall through the chicken wire. Making the vines happily supported, well off the ground and easier to harvest.
We've had a lot of fun as well as high fives putting this project together. I cannot wait to get the cucumber seedling in the ground.
This cucumber trellis house was designed for three cucumber plants on each side.
We made boxes from pallet wood. Bracing spikes from salvaged 2'x4's. Cut out notches for roof support.
The roof is 2 whole pallets mostly stripped. The top of the roof is half of a pallet mostly stripped. Fit together with more 2'x4'.
Anchored it and made sure it all fit together.
Took it all apart and stapled on chicken wire. Then we reassembled it!
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  • Rebecca Swift Rebecca Swift on Mar 13, 2016
    Since you have open space under the trellis, what would you recommend placing in there? Or, would it be better to leave it open?
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  • Kathryn Matson Kathryn Matson on Apr 30, 2016
    This is also a great idea for firewood storage.
  • Victoria Stevens Victoria Stevens on Aug 02, 2017

    This is an awesome idea... BUT, Shouldn't the boxes be on the inside of the trellis to advoid the cucumbers getting caught in the chicken wire? Or I guess I could use a larger spaced wire...other than chicken wire.... :/