From Broken Garden Hose to Plant Trellis to Temp Gate

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I wanted to repurpose my garden hoses. I had 2 that were no longer good for using as hoses. The heavy duty one sprung a leak and the light duty one kept kinking up when I tried to use it for watering. I kept the broken hoses because there are a lot of things you can use them for to repurpose. I planned on turning them into a plant trellis using a left over wooden upright from my garage shelf renovation as the trellis frame.

PVC pipe cutter made this so easy

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I first cut off the ends of the hoses with a PVC cutter. Next I measured the long side of the upright and cut my hoses into equal pieces to fit across the frame. I then grabbed some 1. 25 inch nails and began hammering away attaching my hose pieces horizontally to the wooden upright.

Nailing my hose pieces across the upright

Once those were all nailed into place, I cut 4 more pieces into equal lengths to weave vertically through my horizontal pieces using an under and over weave. I had the trellis laying on its side while working, so my horizontal is the length of the upright.

Still plugging along

Below is the weave action of under over. After the 4 short pieces were woven in, I nailed them onto the upright. I ran out of my short gray hose but had 110 feet of black hose left to work with. Yay!

Weaving my hose

I didn’t measure spacing or anything, I just eyeballed it. The side I was working on was the intended front of my trellis but the back turned out looking better, so I used the backside as the front side.

Back of trellis which was the original front

So after a little bit of cutting and hammering, the trellis was ready for a climbing plant.

All ready to go into backyard.

Since I had all of the materials on hand, I’m not sure what it would actually cost to make one of these. I just thought it would be fun to post a project using stuff that was laying around taking up space.

New plan for my project. Trellis=Gate

Before the trellis even made it into my garden, I turned it horizontally and decided it would make a perfect temporary gate to keep the dogs out of my vegetable garden. One bungee cord to create the hinge and voila, I had a make-shift gate.

Mending plates used on uprights

P.S. although I didn’t put together the upright, it appears pretty easy to make. The metal thingies on the wooden upright, are called Galvanized Mending Plates. They come in different widths and lengths and are used to reinforce joints or mend splits. Lowe’s carries them. Thanks so much for checking out my post.

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  • Fonda Fonda on Dec 27, 2021

    How long was your hose?

  • Patty Patty on Dec 24, 2022

    How did you get one bungie cord to work as a hinge? It's a long gate. I'm surprised it doesn't drag. Great idea!

  • Lpl91018945 Lpl91018945 on Dec 15, 2023

    i like this idea for my tomato plants stringer. Looks like it will be easy to remove the dead plants for recycling after as well. I do have a kink free hose that has kicks growing in it an good time to reinvest and the old hose gets cycled into something more useful than land fill?

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  • Katen Katen on Dec 15, 2023

    I like the look. The hoses don’t lay perfectly straight adding a touch of whimsy. As anyone knows anything growing on a trellis plants do their own thing too the joy of movement between plants and hose forms, just adds to gardening delights…I’m in

  • Lula Porter Lula Porter on Dec 15, 2023

    Good idea. I was cleaning around my yard and came across some old water hose.

    I chuckled when you named your thingy. Oh, yes, I totally understand being able to describe hardware items to the hardware 'expert'. Too bad most haven't a clue what I need with the accurate bane, an accurate description AND an accurate photograph.

    • LOL. The older I get, the more I describe objects as thingies. After reading your comment, maybe I’d be a great hardware expert. “ You can probably find that thingie next to the stuff near the aisle with the doohickey at the end.”