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Every outdoor space is unique and yours is no different! Allow Hometalk to help you figure out what to do with your outdoor space. Looking to create an outdoor kitchen? Or is outdoor storage what you need? We have everything and in between in our best, top, and newest projects. Take a look at our step by step videos and create your own oasis.

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Stone Garden Wall

Looking for a unique design element for your landscape? This stone wall will add beauty and function.

Mailbox Makeover

Mailboxes generally have the same look around where we live: a plain mailbox on a plain post which is so not my personality or style. After nearly 5 years of looking at our ratty mailbox and post, I decided to vamp it a little and I'm so pleased with how this fairly easy project came out!

Unique Sandpit Desk

I wanted to make my great niece a sandpit for when she comes to my house but wanted to make something that would look great as well.

How to Make a DIY Convertible Picnic Table That Folds Into a Bench Sea

Check out this easy to build picnic table that easily folds into bench seats.

New Outdoor Projects

What's trending in the world of DIY outdoor projects? We have compiled it all here.

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