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Every outdoor space is unique and yours is no different! Allow Hometalk to help you figure out what to do with your outdoor space. Looking to create an outdoor kitchen? Or is outdoor storage what you need? We have everything and in between in our best, top, and newest projects. Take a look at our step by step videos and create your own oasis.

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DIY PVC Pipe Privacy Screen

Please take a minute to click here to sign up for the Mother Daughter Projects weekly newsletter. You'll get notification about our new projects and what is up and coming.The inspiration for this project was a decorative fence we saw at Walt Disney World's Epcot, as well as the upholstery print in a booth at a restaurant! Inspiration is everywhere!Steph has been wanting to replace her garbage can privacy screen and this idea seemed like a perfect fit!

Pretty As A Picture Succulent Planter

Colourful succulents, with their beautiful, complex shapes look like mini works of art. Here we show you how to plant a succulent pot to make your own piece of garden art, inspired by the still life paintings of the Old Masters.

Save Your Garden Sprays

Here are a few different options to save your garden this summer... keep bugs, squirrels, birds - off, and an easy way to kill weeds! The best part - it's super inexpensive! You can find more on my blog Chas' Crazy Creations You can see more of my crazy creations here

Garden Cobblestone Design Walk-path

First impression is everything to me and after almost 2 years of relocating from New York and moving into our first home in the state of Florida, looking at my garden mess day in and day was time to change everyone’s first impression (about my front yard) for good!!

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Outside Stairs
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