DIY Outdoor Shed Ideas

Looking for more storage in your outdoor space? The right shed can meet all your needs, but how do you get it off the ground? Here at Hometalk we have everything you need to help you create the shed of your dreams. Browse our top, newest, and best projects. Is a she-shed more your thing? We have what you need here as well.

Ideas to Spruce Up Your Shed

Use your shed roof as a garden

Be resourceful with space and impress your guests by creating a garden on the roof of your shed. This makes the shed blend into the garden.

Paint your shed exterior

Create a charming and quaint shed by using a variety of pastel colors. Choose colors such as rose pink, powder blue, lime green, or lavender.

Decorate with tools

Create storage space and decorate your shed by hanging tools on the walls. Old tools can be decorated and displayed for a more rustic feel.

Grow flowers around your shed

Use flowers to add color and to create a pretty looking shed. Surround the outside of your shed with flowers and add some pot plants inside.

Create a bright, light interior

Choose light colors when painting the inside of your shed to create a light and bright environment. Putting in windows can add to this effect.

Top Projects for Outdoor Sheds

Check out our top DIY outdoor shed projects for helpful guidance and ideas.

Outdoor Shed Videos

Want to build and outdoor shed but need some help? Watch our DIY video tutorials.

Laying a Wooden Base for a Large Shed or Workshop

If you are thinking about building a shed or workshop you can get some great tips from this DIY Doctor project. DIY Doctor offers free help on all aspects of home improvement all over the UK and how to build a shed or workshop is just one of the many thousands of projects we have available. Read on to see how to build your shed properly.

How to Build a Shed Ramp

My garage was starting to get cramped so I decided I needed a shed for the lawn/garden equipment.

1/2 Recycled Greenhouse Build

My brother needed a greenhouse for his ever growing collection of plants, luckily we had a load of pallet wood and since he's a builder, he managed to recover plenty of wood from a construction site rubbish pile. We had to buy the plastic and the wood for the trusses, so I prefer to call this the half recycled Greenhouse.

New Outdoor Shed Projects

New outdoor shed projects are here to spark your creativity and get you building!