Natural Playscapes: Pond and Playground Oasis in City Backyard

Even though they live in a bustling, high-traffic part of Brooklyn, NY, this client wanted her children to experience the same interaction with nature that she had as a child,.
The finished natural playscape we created is reminiscent of a secret cove on a desert island. It boasts a swimming pond with a beach-style entry, three waterfalls, a rock climbing wall, a pirate-ship-style tree house, rope bridge, swings, exercise rings/bar, and three bubble-rock water features.
The heart of the project is, of course, its eco-friendly pond, which for the present is shallow — only 8” deep. It is deep enough so the young children can swim and play in it. However, we constructed the pond to “grow” with them. It is actually a deeper pond with boulders that are covered with fabric and gravel which, when they are older, can be removed, exposing a full-sized pond they can stock with koi, offering an entirely different experience for more mature children.
Natural Playscape with Pond:
Deck and Patio designed/built this city oasis, as a temporary 8” shallow pond, for younger children which can be easily turned into a full-size koi pond when the children get older. Stepping stones lead from the playhouse across the pond to a patio at the back of the house.
Pond with Beach-Style Entry:
Crushed stone used elsewhere on the property for rainwater harvesting was also used to make a fabulous beach-style entry into the pond. Such entries are an ideal element of a natural swimming pond that is bordered by plants and natural boulders.
Natural Swimming Ponds:
Instead of using any chemicals to keep the pond healthy, it is designed as a natural eco-system. To accomplish this, we used all Aquascape Inc. (St. Charles, IL) equipment and components: Skimmer, Biofalls, Pump, and Liner. Aerated by three beautiful waterfalls, the water stays pristine and healthy; much to the joy of the children, the pond attracts beneficial wildlife like frogs, which also eat unwanted insects.
Backyard Rope Bridge:
What young child doesn’t enjoy imagining they are one of the Swiss Family Robinsons…or Jack Sparrow himself! From this rope bridge, they can watch for other pirates, ferocious child-eating animals, and all fearsome enemies.
Home Rock Climbing Wall:
Children who have to fight pirates and wild animals need to keep in shape. What better way than to have a rock climbing wall as part of their tree-house getaway.
Rope Ladder:
No self-respecting defender of a tree-house castle would enter any other way but on a rope ladder.
Bluestone Patio:
At the edge of the children’s inter-active playground is a bluestone patio with deep seating and fire heater where adults can hang out and enjoy the waterfalls and bubble-rock features, while the children save the world from pirates.
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