Succulent Skulls

by @JagCagDesign
5 Materials
20 Minutes

Fill Dollar Store skulls with moss and succulents for spooky-fun Halloween decor. This is a simple and quick project that everyone will love! I used a few cuttings from plants in my yard as well as some favorite spooky succulents from Harddy Succulents - Sempervivum Cobweb, Sea Urchin Sedum Lineare, String of Pearls or String of Tears, Devil's Horns, and Ghost Plants. And guess what? I have a 5% off coupon for you at Harddy -- just click here!

Step 1: Carefully using the knife, remove the center of the top of the skull (use a marker to draw your cut lines first).

Step 2: Fill the skull with potting soil. You can put a little bit of gravel at the bottom if you'd like. Be sure to tap the soil into any crevices so that you don't have pockets of air.

Step 3: Arrange succulents and tuck moss between them- this helps hold them in place and adds more of a creepy-fun feel!

Step 4: Water and enjoy!

Don't forget to use the discount link to order from Harddy - they ship fast and have great customer service!

Tip: If you cannot find skulls on little stands like these, make your own stands using thrift store candlesticks! Just epoxy your skulls right on top where the candle would normally go!

Have fun!

xx Jamey


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Suggested materials:
  • Sharp Knife
  • Marker
  • Plastic skulls of choice   (Dollar Store)
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