What Are Succulent Plants?

They’re fleshy plants that grow in arid conditions, which is why they are practically ‘unkillable’. They’re ideal for the novice gardening enthusiast who lacks green fingers. We all have that friend (some of us might be that friend) who finds it difficult to grow plants. Succulents are the hack - anyone can grow them - they thrive on their own. The bonus: They’re super trendy and gorgeous Get tutorial here

Sempervivum: A Succulent For Fall

There are so many varieties of succulents to choose from. Sempervivum is a firm favorite among many. Just as the garden goes into dormancy in the fall, sempervivum change color, showing off warm browns and truly displaying their full glory. It’s ideal timing as many other plants retreat. Re-pot them if they overpopulate and spread the beauty across the garden.  Get tutorial here

Top Varieties for a Trendy Succulent Garden

Succulents come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. The species that are easiest to grow are: Hens and chicks (Avobe), Kalanchoe, Christmas Cactus, Sunburst Aeonium, Paddle Plant & String of Pearls. Hens and chicks are especially beautiful as a bouquet. Give them sun to turn them a rusty color, while added shade will deepen the blue hues.  Get tutorial here

How to Make a Super Hardy Succulent Garden

These desert-dwellers are hardy plants. Even so, certain species offer improved drought-resistance. Sedum doesn’t resemble the typical idea you may have of a succulent. Their delicate pink flowers and bush-like appearance are unique. They boast high drought-tolerance. Patti @Hearth and Vine gives us examples of the toughest succulents for drought-resistance.  Get tutorial here

Trailing Elegance: Fishhooks Senecio

As graceful as mermaid's hair, long strands of Fishhooks Senecio sway in the breeze - breathtaking! Ideal for livening outside walls that are looking dull, this succulent is easy to grow and relies on its own resources to flourish - just add water. They make excellent houseplants, too. There are many ways to use them, the ground creeper method is especially effective, as shared by Joy Us.  Get tutorial here

How to Care For Your Succulent Garden

We know succulents are easy to grow. But, occasionally, you might run into trouble. If your succulent garden is looking unhappy, it’s worth investigating the care you’re giving it. They need six hours of gentle sunlight per day, occasional water, and well-draining soil. This piece by A Cup Full of Sass is a refreshing guide - it’s easy to understand and insightful.  Get tutorial here

How to Transplant Succulents Safely

Now that you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to get creative! Transplant succulents with care. Pots, planters, bowls and even everyday items like bird baths or steel mugs are perfect for indoor succulent gardens. Before you start thinking outside the box (or pot) learn how to handle succulents and transplant them. Joy Us explains the importance of the pot’s location, something that’s often overlooked. Get tutorial here

Grow Your Collection: Propagating Succulents

Succulents have a way of getting you hooked on gardening. They’re wonderfully addictive! It could be their breathtaking beauty. It could be their versatility. Either way, if you’re hooked, you’ll want to grow more. Propagating will give you a constant supply of succulents for your own home, or to use as gifts. Refer to this how-to from Joy Us, to grow a prolific and constant supply. Get tutorial here

Succulent Wedding Decor and Creative Displays

Now that you know how to grow and propagate your succulents, plan your decor. Think outside of the box. Vertical succulent gardens, terrariums (especially glass bowls), and wreaths are gorgeous ways to create indoor succulent gardens. They’re also a trendy hit with wedding decorators, too. We love the creative spin on succulents shared by Carrie MakingLemonade.  Get tutorial here

A Simple and Effective Succulent Garden

Starting a succulent garden is basic. Personalize your garden by using a unique container. It’s difficult to believe a few pebbles, potting soil, and a handful of succulents could make such a lovely succulent garden. Simple, yet effective. The bonus: It’s easy to transport indoors when necessary. We love this step by step guide from Lori J.  Get tutorial here

DIY Miniature Succulent Garden

A few years ago, Zen Gardens were a trendy way to display the elegance of miniaturism in gardening. Easier and more rewarding - meet the miniature succulent garden. It’s easy to move from room to room. It’s versatile enough to work with any decor style, and we love that it’s air-purifying. Assembling this garden won’t take you half a day - especially with the tips shared by Troom Troom. Get tutorial here

DIY Succulent Garden Ideas

Succulents come in bright colors and pastel shades. Some are large, some are fine and petite. It is this versatility that makes them suitable to use with any decor. Whether your style is young and fun, sleek and minimalist, or classic. Incorporating them into your decor is fun - as shown by Desert Rose. You could even build on her idea by making a succulent fairy garden.  Get tutorial here

A Miniature Succulent Garden in Concrete

If you have a large expanse of garden to manage, it’s easy to lose sight of the beautiful details. Bren Haas uses concrete to highlight her carefully planned succulent ensemble - a miniature succulent garden within a garden. Water features, rockeries, and planters also differentiate the succulents from the mass of green in the garden. Hanging baskets can further this effect, especially on patios.  Get tutorial here

DIY Succulent Garden Idea: Front Door Decor

The greeting at the front door can set the tone for the mood in your home. Create a warm welcome: It takes a few basic items to assemble this irresistible item: Floral foam, a selection of multi-colored succulents, and a tin basket you can hang from the door. It’s difficult to believe something so stunning is so easy to make but To Work With My Hands explains it.  Get tutorial here

Succulents Make the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Succulents are a joy to have in the home. naturally, you’ll want to share that happiness! While bouquets are lovely, these succulent garden ideas make an extra special Mother’s Day gift. They won’t wilt and fade away after a few days. In fact, even with a relative amount of neglect, they will grow and spread the love. This how-to is so eloquent, perfect for moms on Mother’s Day.  Get tutorial here

Add a Green Touch to the Patio

This particular hanging succulent garden uses an old grill basket as its cradle. You can buy beautiful hanging baskets that give the same look. The earthy color scheme works with the greens of the plants. A hanging succulent garden displays your showstopping collection while keeping them out of reach of children and animals. The Honeycomb Home shares the How-To.  Get tutorial here

Monochrome Shabby-Chic Succulent Garden

Delightful and feminine, the display’s silver and green color palette is festive and trendy. This project is intended to be a modern spin on a Christmas tree, but truth be told you don’t need a seasonal or festive occasion to embrace the schick-ness of a multi-tiered DIY tin-cup succulent garden. Add this showstopper to your decor at Christmas time, Easter time, or any other time. Get tutorial here

Succulent Garden Centerpiece in Under An Hour

Unexpected dinner guests? This is a stunning centerpiece you can throw together at the last minute. If you don’t have faux succulents, you can use real ones for the evening and replace them in their pots or garden beds in the morning (succulents are pretty tough and recover just fine). Sassy Town House Living’s guide tells you exactly how to assemble this and where to source fake plants online. Get tutorial here