1. Use Store-Bought Shelf Organizers

Hometalker Bobbie Ramsey configured store-bought options to realize his dream of having a whole wall of shelves. He assembled the organizer units per their instructions before fitting beadboard to the back of each unit. He then added feet and stained the entire unit before screwing it to the wall and ceiling using an L-shaped bracket. Get tutorial here

2. Add Boot Drying Areas and Storage Benches

A DIY basement and mudroom area is great for anyone with pets or kids. Hometalker Mary used scrap wood she had available to build a bench with cubbies beneath for storage. She also built a large closet using studs and plywood for larger items. After building this, she added coat hooks and even a boot drying tray.  Get tutorial here

3. Create a Whole Wall of Storage

If you’re wondering how to organize an unfinished basement, then take a note out of No. 29 Design’s book. She started by adding overhead lighting, storage closets and a laundry room to the unfinished space. Then, she measured to buy units and baskets that hold books and games. There’s even space for a wall-mounted TV. Get tutorial here

4. Sliding Storage Shelves

These deep shelves hold a lot of stuff and, because they slide, you can reach everything at the back easily. To start the project, Hometalker Eileen constructed three legs with shelf supports and slide mounts. She then attached the shelves to the sliding hardware before fixing stud mounts to the back. The project only took her one weekend.  Get tutorial here

5. The Perfect Blend of Storage and Play

Functional storage spaces can also be stylish. After clearing everything out of her basement and painting the floors, Hometalker Gretchen built a shelf for family games. Above the storage space, she’s even saved room for a projector screen. So, it’s a space that serves two purposes. It offers great storage and an area the whole family can enjoy.  Get tutorial here

6. Chic, Crafty Basement Storage Units

If you’re looking to transform your basement into a living room rather than just a storage space, these rolling storage ottomans are great. Hometalker Meredith uses hers to store cushions, but you can use yours for whatever you like. Plus, you’ll only need a drill, a wooden crate, four casters, some plywood, and some padding, plus fabric for the top. Get tutorial here

7. Storage for Kids and Adults Alike

Great basement organization storage ideas suit kids and parents alike. Hometalker Keitha created a storage space that’s both a man cave and a playroom. She did this by creating different organizational zones. On her black-painted storage unit, there’s even space for two televisions so dad can watch his favorite team while supervising the kids. Get tutorial here

8. Ladder Projects for Small Basements

By adding shelves to a ladder, you can create a neat storage space that doesn’t take up much room in the home. Hometalker Dami B added a piece of wood in the middle of each step and a bracket to the wall to secure the storage solution. The shelves are made from pine boards, while the sides are made from plywood attached with screws.  Get tutorial here

9. Create a Retreat Under the Stairs

Even the smallest nook can be a stylish storage spot. Hometalker Sue Purdy transformed her under-utilized basement staircase into a cozy reading nook. Under the bench, there’s space for luggage, while the shelves are decorative and practical. She used a reciprocating saw to take out the wall and built a storage bench with 2x4s before dry walling. Get tutorial here

10. Chalkboard Fun Storage

Practical storage space can also be fun for kids. Hometalker Katie Reed is in the process of transforming her basement storage into a craft room. To start the process, she changed her wooden storage unit into a useful pantry. On the inside, she has space for her crafts, while on the outside her kids have a place to draw and play. Get tutorial here

11. From Laundry Closet to Pantry

Laundry closets are staples in many basements. Hometalker The 2 Seasons converted hers by changing from folding doors to French doors. This freed up the sides of the closet, so the washing machine and dryer can be stacked. Now, there’s room for a walk-in pantry. It features a custom shelving system that maximizes the vertical space.  Get tutorial here

12. Storage to Stop Mud and Rain

If you enter and exit your basement to go for muddy dog walks, then replicate something like this boot room created by Hometalker Ashley Harding. As well as keeping the rest of your house clean and tidy, it includes a storage locker for every member of the family, so everyone will know where their muddy boots and wet jackets are.  Get tutorial here

13. Maximize Space in Wooden Storage Chests

Hometalker Jasmin’s really set the standard when it comes to storage trunks. She’s transformed this wooden trunk inside and out, so it would be the pride and place of any home basement living room. She’s installed pine shelving on the lower part and put another shelf on top for games and fun. She has also beautifully stained the whole thing. Get tutorial here

14. Create Space in an Unfinished Basement

It can be difficult to know how to organize an unfinished basement. But, all you need are tote boxes, shoe bags, bins, shelves, and plenty of hard work. Move everything away from the floor, reconfigure shelves to add boxes and focus on making walking space. By putting similar items in the same zone, it’ll be easy to find what you need. Get tutorial here

15. Organizing Basement Storage: Racks

One of the best basement organization ideas is to start organizing it before it gets on top of you. Hometalker Rita C learned the hard way, and it took her 70 hours to organize her basement. She purchased three commercial shelving units for the things she had left and organized everything into a wall of tubs categorized by type of item.  Get tutorial here

16. Organizing Basement Storage: Tools

The basement is the perfect place for DIY. However, there’s nothing more annoying than trying to complete a DIY job and struggling to find the tool you need. To overcome this problem, Hometalker Mary Ann Goldberg created a wall for her tools. The holes in the backing board are filled with hooks, so everything can be hung in front of her.  Get tutorial here

17. Organize an Unfinished Basement: Shelves

Shelves are one of the most popular basement organization storage ideas. Open shelves like these from Hometalker SweetPea Paula are great if you have a lot of stuff and no place to store it. She cut the shelves from sheets using a sliding compound miter saw before securing them with brackets and screws. They’re super strong and very sturdy. Get tutorial here

18. Make Your Basement Storage Pretty

The best basement storage ideas are pretty and practical. Hometalker Shannon updated her basement using colorful storage solutions. This is a great way to organize an unfinished basement, as it helps to keep everything tidy. By using vertical solutions, she’s created more space and the color also makes it a more inspiring space for her crafts.  Get tutorial here

19. Build Cabinets and a Bar

If you’re looking to transform your unfinished basement, then adding a bar is not only fun, but it also helps with storage. This is because you can move a lot of items from your kitchen. By adding cabinets like Hometalker Puddy’s House, you’ll create a space where you can place items out of sight. You can also raise a glass to your success.  Get tutorial here