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Décor Ideas for Outdoors
Use hanging plants
Make the best use of your space by adding hanging plants. For a splash of color, choose begonia or lantana flowers in pots.
Add a swing
A swing will impress both children and adults. These can take the form of hammocks, swinging chairs, or swinging benches.
Create an herb garden
Design an herb garden in an artistic shape like a spiral. It'll be handy when cooking and is a great way to decorate an outside space.
Set up a bird feeder
Create a bird feeder to place in your outdoor area. It will be ornamental while attracting all sorts of birds.
Design driftwood décor
Use driftwood for stylish and affordable décor. Find pieces of driftwood to scatter throughout your garden or use in creative designs.
Top Projects for Outdoor Decor

We've compiled the top DIY outdoor decor projects for your enjoyment.

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Outdoor Decor Videos

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Stop PORCH PIRATES With This DIY Mailbox!

We use online shopping for almost EVERYTHING but porch pirates are putting a damper on this convenience. Even if you have a security system and catch the heinous act on camera, you more than likely never recover your package and have to file police reports, reorder the item, and wait for a replacement. Don't give thieves a chance with a Porch Pirate Proof Mailbox.

DIY Tricycle Planter

Upcycling plastic reduces the amount of waste that gets to the landfills. Using this waste plastic into something creative, not only helps the environment to reduce it's waste, but also helps us to be a little more creative in using our ideas to beautify our garden.

Easy Outdoor Curtains

It’s fun to hang out on the patio but...

New Outdoor Decor Projects

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