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This project is so easy it should be illegal! I think this project is by far my favorite and was the most shocking transformation of two old stumps--it's amazing what a little bees wax will do to wood!

*Note: I ended up not using the string lights, stars or moss on this project.

The first step to make these beautiful stump lights is to remove the solar light from the post it comes attached to.

Next, determine which paddle bit fits the solar light post the best. In this case, with the $4.88 single solar lights from Home Depot, the 13/16 bit fits perfectly.

After you've chosen your bit, eye up the middle of your stump and make a mark.

*Note: I had taken a wire brush and cleaned my stumps up before beginning the drilling process.

Now it's time to drill your hole.

You'll want to drill your hole about 3/4" deep.

*Note: You'll need to drill your hole as deep as your socket is on the bottom of your solar light once it is removed from the post. Again, I purchased the $4.88 individual solar lights from Home Depot so for these lights, the socket (or bottom end of the light) was approximately 3/4" long.

After your hole is drilled, take your bees wax and rub it on your stumps. Be generous with the wax! You can use a clean cloth to rub it on but I used my hands since the wood was so smooth. I love this wax because it smells so good and it leaves the wood looking so beautiful.

*Note: you'll want to reapply the wax once a year to protect the wood from additional weathering.

Next, pop your lights into the holes you drilled.

Finally, instead of adding different ornamental elements to my stumps like I had originally thought of, I ended up adding two rustic door pieces. My husband and I are always looking for random, old trinkets for potential projects and these came off of a pair of antique doors we scored a few years ago. My husband took the acrylic knobs off of them and we were left with these unique, rusted, metal door pieces. I'm sure you could find similar door pieces at junk barns or antique shops.

Aren't these gorgeous??! I'm absolutely in love with these solar stumps!

Suggested materials:
  • Tree stumps
  • Solar lights   (Home Depot)
  • Bees wax   (Home Depot)
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  • Jason snyder Jason snyder on Aug 04, 2018

    What kind of wood works best for this? Best way of trimming bark off so it looks like picture?

  • I also want to know how you removed the bark? I have two pieces one birch and one cedar. I don't want to start pulling it off until I know the correct way. please email

  • Shelly Moore Shelly Moore on Jul 10, 2021

    Love These!! I have wood I can do This with! Cool!!!

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