Glue on molding for a decorative frame

Some pine boards and a trim on top add the perfect touch. Get tutorial here

Velcro wood pickets for an easy rustic frame

It will transform your bathroom with hardly any effort. Get tutorial here

Easily tile a frame to match your bathroom

This tile went on without any grout and matched the blue bathroom. Get tutorial here

Split your mirror into two with paint

With some paint and a border, you can’t tell this used to be one plain big mirror. Get tutorial here

Stick some shelves in between

This splits the huge mirror and with some molding it totally changes the look. Get tutorial here

Use cheap MDF molding for a saw-free solution

No need for angled edges and mitering when you can have a frame like this one. Get tutorial here

Pin thumbtacks to moldings for some shine

It’s an upholstered look for a wooden frame. Get tutorial here

Attach a border and tiles to match

The turquoise theme is brought together beautifully with the glass tiles in the frame. Get tutorial here