Cabinet With Glass Doors Makeover With Wallpaper

Stacy Davis
by Stacy Davis
2 Materials
30 Minutes
I have more glass doors than I have items for display so I am always looking for a way to change up these glass doors. When Walls Republic gave me a roll of wallpaper, I knew right away that an easy "get to know the product" idea would be using it in this fashion. You would not believe how much is hidden from view now.
The wallpaper that I used is called Serenity Sand and you can find it here at Walls Republic's website.
The first step is to cut the wallpaper. I added 1 inch to my glass size and cut a piece to these dimensions with the pattern centered in the middle. To attach to the inside of my cabinet, I just used Duck Tape to adhere it in place.
I wanted each side to be identical runs of the pattern. The top two cabinet doors match and the bottom two cabinet doors match. I wanted to keep as much of the pattern as possible so I removed the excess paper equally from each side.
To get identical runs of the pattern, I would lay the first piece on top of the uncut roll. I would match up the designs and pencil mark where the cuts should take place.
Above is a view of the wallpaper using Duck Tape on the inside. I only put Duck Tape on the top and bottom of the wallpaper. It was a tight fit without having to tape the sides.
First one in place...
I had fun laying out display items to see what would match the wallpaper in the bookcase.
Here are some more pictures of Serenity Sand and another one of my favorites, Arabesque Dove from Walls Republic.
And last but not least, a view of what lies behind closed doors... Thanks for reading my post, I had a lot of fun creating this project and I know I will keep it this way for years to come.
Suggested materials:
  • Wall paper   (Walls Republic)
  • Duct tape   (Walmart)
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  • Hannah V Hannah V on May 15, 2015
    Wow this looks awesome on your cabinet Stacy! I adore this print as well. I'm sure @Walls Republic will love it too! :)
    • Stacy Davis Stacy Davis on May 15, 2015
      @Hannah V Thank you Hannah!!! You are always so kind! I really appreciate it!