12 Inspiring DIY Patio Furniture Ideas to Save for Next Spring

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Patio season may be over, but it will be here again before you know it. Now is the perfect time to plan a DIY patio furniture renovation; just right for entertaining on the weekend or relaxing after a long day. A little inspiration now means that you’ll be ready to go as soon as the weather turns warm.

DIY Patio Furniture Ideas (pixabay)

Creating your perfect patio could mean building something from scratch, or it may be as simple as sprucing up a piece that you already own.

This list of 12 DIY Patio Furniture Ideas will inspire you to tweak your outdoor living space or make it over completely. Your dream patio awaits!

Spray Paint Outdoor Patio Furniture For a Fresh New Look

Sometimes, a few cans of spray paint are all you need to transform a worn out or ho-hum piece of outdoor patio furniture. Spray paint works particularly well on metal, wicker, or anything that contains a lot of nooks and crannies that are difficult to reach with a paint brush. Spray paint comes in many shades and sheens which make it easy to freely flex your creativity muscle.

Kelly Smith, a Hometalker from California, transformed a rusty wrought iron patio set into a bright pop of color for her backyard. Rust was not a deal breaker for Kelly. Using a stiff wire brush, she removed the loose paint and rust. Then, she gave everything a few coats of spray paint.

She could have easily chosen to paint this set in a safe, neutral color, but we love how she went bold with a cheery bright blue instead.

DIY Outdoor Patio Furniture (Kelly Fleming Smith)

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And speaking of bold colors, when Michelle was gifted this adorable outdoor patio furniture from her neighbor, she chose to paint it red to better suit her personal style. It looks adorable topped with lanterns in coordinating colors. 

Spray Paint Patio Furniture (Michelle N)

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A combination of spray paint and chalk paint mixed with latex paint worked wonders on the metal frames and the fabric seats of this once-beige dining set.


Leanne first gave the entire set a good scrub with a pressure washer. After she sprayed the frames with lime green spray paint, she taped off a pattern on the seats with high-quality painter’s tape. Then, she painted the chevron stripes individually with a mixture of latex paint and chalk paint. The before-and-after shot of this outdoor patio furniture is almost unbelievable. It is a vibrant update indeed. 

Outside Patio Furniture Makeover (Diva of DIY/Leanne)

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Outdoor Patio Furniture Made From Pallets is Still a Hot Idea

If your outdoor living space needs more seating altogether, building DIY patio furniture from pallets is a terrific option. Instead of carting out a jumble of individual folding chairs for your next gathering, a sectional or couch made from pallets can help define the outdoor entertainment areas and create plenty of room for people to hang out, socialize, and relax. Permanent patio furniture also helps to elevate the look of a basic patio.

Another great idea is to build your project in stages. Hometalker, Angela used her DIY patio furniture made from pallets without cushions for two years. 

Pallet Patio Furniture (Angela East)

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Then, she upgraded the whole look with no-sew cushions made from a foam mattress topper and canvas drop cloths. She also added new pillow covers. The new cushions and color scheme dramatically changed the feel of her sectional without sacrificing any of its function.

DIY pallet patio furniture (Angela East)

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The beauty of DIY patio furniture from scratch is that you can build it to work with the exact specifications of your space. If your outdoor living area is smaller, it is easy to scale the project down to fit. You are also free to get creative with your cushions. The pallet couch cushions below are covered crib mattresses. Basic crib mattresses can be a lower cost alternative to standard outdoor cushions.

DIY Pallet Couch (Amber Oliver)

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Small businesses can be a great place to find used pallets but always ask first before you take them. Urban areas may have pallet recycling facilities too.

Build a DIY Side Table 

While you have the tools out, how about building some cute side tables to go with your new seating? 

Patio Side Table (Wendi @ H20 Bungalow)

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Small tables like these are perfect for holding drinks, outdoor plants, or your Bluetooth speaker so you are never too far from the tunes. Built these with low-cost supplies and a set of free patterns. How you finish them is up to you.

Wendi weighs in on choosing inexpensive wood for this project:

 “When selecting wood, hold it on one end and look down the board to be sure you’ve

selected straight boards. Stay away from knots in boards too.”

Wendi @ H20 Bungalow. “Build an Adirondack Patio Table” Hometalk, April 27, 2015.

Stain vs. Paint: Tables like these would look equally beautiful stained or painted. However, if you opt for stain, you may want to spend a little more on wood with a beautiful grain pattern. That pattern will peek through the shade of stain that you choose. Also, for best results use a pre-stain conditioner first. Pre-stain conditioner helps the stain soak evenly into the wood to reduce blotchiness and streaking.

Be sure to consult the color card that is typically displayed at the hardware store in the stain aisle. Stain comes in a variety of shades and opacities, and it will look different depending on the wood you use. The color card will give you an idea of those differences. Be advised that certain types of wood such as birch and maple do not accept stain well at all. However, a clear coat will let the natural beauty of birch and maple shine. 

Mix Bright Colors and Patterns for a Bold New Look 

Grey and beige are still trendy in a big way, but DIY patio furniture decor is the perfect place to take a risk and go bold, really bold, with color. The world is a brighter place during the sunny days of spring and summer, and it feels like the perfect time to take design risks. Paint is relatively inexpensive, and fabric for cushions and pillows can be swapped out easily if you follow the DIY tutorials linked below. So, if you find that you are tired of your decor choice, you can shake it up the following year.

Color lovers rejoice over this sensational idea by California Hometalker, Mark Montano. When it comes to mixing patterns and prints, Mark rarely plays it safe. 

DIY Wood Patio Table (Mark Montano)

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Mark transformed this outdoor table into something that is truly an extraordinary work of art. First, he made some structural improvements to the table with a new plywood and plank top, but the real star of the show is the paint. Black and white stripes keep the bright colors from feeling too chaotic, and the orange patterned indoor/outdoor rug grounds it all. Stick with this exact color scheme or use it as a jumping off point for your own color exploration. 

No-Sew DIY Patio Furniture Cushion Covers

If your cushions or pillows need an upgrade, but sewing is not your gift or even in your skillset, rest assured you can DIY no sewing required! Brand new, store-bought replacements can be so expensive even if you shop sales or off-season. Mark posted a clear and easy tutorial which transformed this lovely, but basic porch set-up into a “stop in your tracks” neighborhood stunner.

Patio Furniture Makeover Ideas (Mark Montano)

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Tip: Using a sun-safe fabric will prolong the life of your new cushion and pillow covers. Sun-safe fabric resists fading and moisture. For best results, remove cushions and pillows during inclement weather and damp nights or invest in plastic covers. Also, to keep your cost low, shop for fabric in the clearance aisle of the fabric store or use smartphone coupons for an even deeper discount. 

Neutral Makeovers Can Be Eye-catching Too

Admittedly, not everyone falls in love with colorful outdoor patio furniture. For some people, the colors of summer are bright enough, and they prefer to let classic or low-key neutrals serve as the backdrop of their patio decor. If you are not interested in committing to color, here are some options that might appeal to you.

Modify a Metal and Tile Table into an Outdoor Herb Garden 

DIY Patio Table Top Ideas (Michelle Kirstein)

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Michelle and her husband removed the inner metal section by using a lightweight router tool fitted with a grinding bit to cut the thin brackets that held it in place. Then, Michelle dropped plastic planter pots into the empty spaces. Check out the full tutorial for the ingenious way she handled drainage and kept the overall weight of the planters low.

Did you know that certain herbs repel outdoor pests such as flies and mosquitoes? Most of us are familiar with citronella candles. Citronella is the oil found in lemongrass. Planting herbs like lemongrass and basil could help keep the pests at bay. Your local garden club or cooperative extension should be able to properly advise you regarding the best and most effective herbs to plant in your growing zone.

Reweave Worn-out Chairs With Nylon Rope

Just because the seat of a chair is worn through, doesn’t mean it is destined for the dumpster. The DIY duo, Zest it Up, used nylon rope to breathe new life into a set of seemingly hopeless bamboo chairs.

As long as the frame is sturdy and intact, reweaving a seat with nylon rope is the perfect choice for many styles of chairs. You aren’t limited to bamboo. Choose a traditional criss-cross weaving pattern or make it up as you go.

DIY Patio Chairs (Zest It Up)

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Whitewash or Stencil a Weather-damaged Table Top

Outdoor patio furniture, exposed to the elements, really takes a beating. Wooden furniture seems to take the hardest hit.

You can give a DIY furniture makeover to a peeling table top just like Victoria did. Give the top a thorough wash first and sand it well to remove any remaining finish. Victoria tried a few options before settling on a very thin coat of off-white paint. Then, she distressed places with a light sanding. Once she was happy with the overall effect, she sealed it with clear polyurethane. The result is a smooth table top with a lovely farmhouse or shabby chic feel. 

How to Paint a Patio Table (Victoria)

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Stencils offer an elegant option a creative step above basic repainting: Stencils come in a variety of patterns, and they are easy to use. Choose an all-over design or a single mandala design like Yolanda chose for her patio table. She also elevated the look by staining the legs and top in different shades for a gorgeous two-tone effect. Coordinating seat cushions completed the project and pulled it all together. Be sure to protect your freshly stenciled table top with a spray-on clear coat.


DIY Ikea patio table (Yolanda)

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After being cooped up all winter, many people are excited to clean and decorate their outdoor living space. If you do not have the perfect piece of outdoor patio furniture languishing in the basement or garage, scour local yard sales, estate sales, saver fliers, or online marketplaces. Offseason is also the perfect time to shop for patio furniture clearance items. Lowe’s patio furniture is often deeply discounted at the end of summer. Be sure to check other retailers too.

This round-up of twelve DIY patio furniture projects offers a variety of options at different price points and includes projects for all skill levels. So whether you are a novice or you have some DIY experience under your tool belt, there is a project here for you. We hope this list fuels your winter daydreams and motivates you to try something new when the weather turns in your favor. Remember, when you are done, be sure post your DIY projects on Hometalk so other people can be inspired by you too!

Written for the Hometalk community by: Stacy | BlakeHillHouse

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