Give Your Backyard a Stylish Makeover With Overstock & Safavieh

Kara S.
by Kara S.

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I don't know who needs to hear this, but if you don't get your backyard ready now, you're not going to make it in time for that Memorial Day party. We’ve teamed up with Overstock and Safavieh for a stunning backyard makeover with an area for dining outdoors.

Here’s how to refresh your backyard with Overstock and Safavieh’s outdoor furniture, and make the most out of Overstock’s Memorial Day sale:

Tools and materials

Backyard before the makeover

1. Remove dirt and grass

The first step in our backyard transformation was marking off our new space's shape. Then we got to digging and digging and more digging. We removed the first layer of dirt and grass to create a solid dirt base.

Removing the first layer or dirt and grass

2. Add pea pebbles, cardboard, & granite

Once the shape was dug out, we added a layer of pea pebbles, then a layer of cardboard that acted as a weed barrier, and then decomposed granite. This was all to create a clean, level environment for our next step.

Raking out the pebbles and granite

3. Pack it down

After packing it down with a plate compactor that we rented for the afternoon, it was time to bring in the pavers.

Packing the pebbles and granite down with a plate compactor

4. Lay the pavers

These oversized limestone pavers created the perfect modern, high-end outdoor restaurant feeling that we wanted.

Laying the pavers

After finding the perfect pattern and spacing, we placed them over a bed of paver sand and made sure they were level. We made sure to fill in any gaps with sand to make sure the pavers were secure, sturdy, and didn't wiggle around when you walked on them.

Spacing and leveling the pavers

5. Create a weed barrier & add gravel

Then we laid down a weed barrier against the house. And then it was time for gravel. We used a dozen or so bags of black gravel to complement the sleep pavers. This took two days of work, but man, did it turn out good.

Adding gravel around the pavers

6. Furnish

Now the fun part: decorating! We headed to Overstock and found the perfect patio dining table from Safavieh's large selection. The patio table, along with a few other finds, was delivered straight to the door, which made it feel like Christmas morning!

Overstock furniture delivery

Outdoor dining table

Assembling it was super quick, as the instructions were easy to follow. And the best part? No power tools required.

Assembling the Safavieh teak outdoor table

SAFAVIEH Couture Montford Natural Teak Commercial Grade Dining Table

Safavieh's products are stunning and carefully crafted with natural wood. And this teak table was no exception. I mean, look at this quality outdoor table.

Safavieh outdoor dining table

Outdoor chairs

Once that was in place, we moved on to unwrapping the stylish outdoor dining chairs to go with it. Yes, you heard me right. Unwrapping. Because these patio dining chairs come fully assembled. We love that.

Unwrapping the chairs

SAFAVIEH Outdoor Living Kaelan Chair - Black / Brown (Set of 2)

Flower rack

Now we have the outdoor table and chairs in place, the finishing touch was this gorgeous flower planter where I planted some fresh herbs and my favorite pink hydrangeas for some color.

Assembling the flower rack

SAFAVIEH Outdoor Living Rita Flower Rack

Backyard refresh with Overstock & Safavieh

All that's left is to enjoy our new backyard oasis with gorgeous patio seating and a blossoming planter box. So what are you waiting for? Get ready for summer. With hundreds of options for outdoor dining furniture and massive Memorial Day deals, shopping with Overstock is easy and shipping is always free.

If you loved this space, check out our link for 12% off and get started on elevating your backyard with gorgeous outdoor seating from Safavieh that will have you counting the days to your first summer celebration. A special thanks to Overstock for sponsoring this video.

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