Creating a Compost Bin From Cedar Fence Pickets

Since moving into our new place we knew we needed to add a compost bin but the question was not only where, but how to build one that could blend in and didn't cost a mint. In this case we choose a spot close to a shed which while it gets some sun is mostly shady to allow for it to stay moist but not get to wet.
These are the materials required to make a double bin which totals 6' wide, 2' tall, & 3' deep. Granted I was using 4' pickets & could have made it larger but I find most materials split real easy on the ends & the space available locked in the size
Above is the tools I used to build the panels with the exception of the miter saw which as I mentioned above is nice but not required.
Ahh, there is the miter saw used & almost all the cuts having been made (see 1st slide for cut list)
Essentially all 5 panels required are made the same with the exception of the cross brace & wire as noted in the next slide. In this case this is one of the 3 side panels (upside down). The extra wire at the bottom allows for variations in the ground level & critters from worming there way in. The spacers used are just some of the cut-offs & popped loose after all the attachments are made. The poultry net staples are used to hold the wire in place. Once this is done I attached the cross brace at the ends of each panel
The back panel is simply made like above except for we use one piece of wire to connect both sets together. The cross brace is held back on the ends by an 1" or so so the 2 end pieces & center can slide right in & get screwed together.
This is a close up shot of not only a deck screw helping hold the panels together, but how we twisted the extra wire together to help lock it all together
Once we had all the panels locked together we used the level to level everything off & pounded in the mounting stakes & attached with deck screws. Base on where we put ours we used some landscape fabric behind the back & sides & filled the area in with some rocks we had removed from the area.

One item you may wish to add is a gate or some other removable item to the front if you have an issue with your pets or others getting in. We unfortunately ran into that issue here & simply added a 1x to the top & added some birds netting which we draped down the front & wrapped around some scrap wood
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  • Debbie Moore Debbie Moore on Jul 13, 2014
    I made a double bin with raising lids and doors that open on hinges out of pallets. It's awesome.
  • Building Moxie Building Moxie on Jul 14, 2014
    not sure I am going to get to it, but I desperately want to get compost bins set up. the ironic thing -- I have ton of left over cedar I could use. nice posting. Thanks Sean. ~jb