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The health and safety of my family is of the utmost importance to me. And while I’ve spent years making sure we eat highly-nutritious foods, stay active, and drink plenty of filtered water, my attention recently turned to the quality of the air we breathe.

Pollution is at an all-time high right now, especially with the wildfires in Canada still raging, but it’s the other toxins in the air that have me most concerned about my family’s safety on a daily basis—the ones that seem innocuous, at first, but can fill our homes without warning and start to affect our health.

Many people think that having elevated concentrations of CO₂ in your home isn’t necessarily harmful, like some of the other chemicals lingering around in the atmosphere, but high levels of CO₂ in indoor spaces can actually leave you feeling dizzy, fatigued, and nauseous. Plus, it may even be what’s causing you to have regular headaches or experience a sudden lack of attention.

Of course, I certainly don’t want that to be the experience for my family members, and neither do you.

Fortunately, all we have to do to remedy this problem is to purchase an effective air-quality monitor for our homes, which can keep a watchful eye out for us around the clock.


Known for providing consumers with a variety of intelligent smart home products, INKBIRD has designed a first-rate air-quality monitor called the INKBIRD IAM-T1. What I like most about this INKBIRD CO₂ monitor is that it takes precise air quality measurements in real-time, so I know right away when the CO₂ levels in my home are getting elevated.


With its world-leading Senseair sensor, the INKBIRD IAM-T1 performs with a highly-precise ±30 ppm+ 3% of reading. That means that unhealthy concentrations of CO₂ are detected quickly, so I can protect my family from its harmful effects fast.

Another benefit of using the INKBIRD IAM-T1 is its electronic ink screen with an ultra-wide view angle. This ultra-reflectance and high-contrast screen makes it easy for anyone to read without squinting or searching for your glasses. I know that if a concern arose in my house, I wouldn’t want to waste time trying to read a tiny screen and decipher what a bunch of codes meant. Luckily, I don’t have to do either since I brought this amazing INKBIRD air quality monitor into my home.


The alarm design of this INKBIRD CO₂ monitor is also humanity-centered. When CO₂ levels rise above what’s considered to be safe, the display appears as a black background with white lettering, and there’s also a CO₂ level indication color bar for your convenience. It’s easy to see that the CO₂ levels in my home are quite elevated today, so it’s a great reminder to change my HVAC filter today, open the window for better airflow, and buy another house plant or two to help filter the air naturally.

If you’re like me, you’re always searching around the house for more batteries to keep all of your gadgets going. Thankfully, the brand understands my plight. This INKBIRD air quality monitor is created with an ultra-long battery life for ultra-long protection. Believe it or not, the INKBIRD IAM-T1 can actually run on the same AA batteries they provide for up to four years when the sampling interval is set to ten minutes and the electronic ink screen is on low power consumption mode.

INKBIRD solved my never-ending search for batteries problem, but what other issues can they help consumers like me solve?


For one, they alleviated my concern for privacy. Knowing how important data protection is nowadays, they made security a top priority. When you use the INKBIRD IAM-T1 in your home, you can be assured that no personal data will be uploaded to the cloud. Instead, product usage data is saved in the INKBIRD app as local data on your cell phone.

Speaking of the INKBIRD app, I would describe using that program as easy and efficient. You can view the CO₂ concentration in your home right through the app from virtually anywhere. And you can also get a reading on the current temperature, humidity, and air pressure in your home as well.

Of course, keeping track of all the data you receive is important to you, so INKBIRD made that task pretty simple too. The INKBIRD IAM-T1 itself saves thirty days of offline data and syncs with the app. Any long-term data that you wish to review in the future can then be located in the app itself.

To make data collection even more user-friendly, the INKBIRD IAM-T1 also supports Bluetooth 5.0 connections and allows the user to set the sampling interval for one minute, two minutes, five minutes, or ten minutes based on personal preference. When it comes to safeguarding the air quality in your home, it’s nice to have access to so many personalized features.

The ones I like the best personally are having the ability to move between Celcius and Fahrenheit quickly—since we’re a house divided on which temperature scale is best—the ability to turn the buzzer sound on and off easily, and the ability to move the air quality monitor from room to room or hang it on the wall next to other smart devices.


You already have smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors at the ready. Now it’s time to upgrade your home’s other smart devices and add an extra layer of protection for your family.

Air quality is so important, and it’s often forgotten about in both homes and offices. But with a humanity-centered smart device like the INKBIRD IAM-T1, you can monitor the quality of air you breathe in real-time, without any effort on your part.


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