CD Wall Hanging for Teen Room

Decorating a teen room is not the easiest thing to do. Several years ago, I was inspired by a Hannah Montana CD that had all these CDs hanging around her. I thought they were really cute, colorful and totally fun for a teen. I created a small teen room CD hanging for my minion’s room, and since then we’ve added on to the hanging a few times, because, you know, it’s pretty rad and all, and bigger is better.
I honestly think this is a universal decor, both for boys and girls, maybe for a man cave if your man is into music. It’s rainbow in one effect, but it also is mirrors and reflects to make the room seem bigger.
The basic tools you will need are – binder rings – I bought 1-inch rings. You can get then in a bulk bag at your office supply store. A drill with drill bit. I believe it was a 3/8th bit. a wood block to drill into, and CDs. I got the ones that are silver colored. There are some that have a colored coating, so use whatever you choose.

Begin by marking a dot at top of the CD. You need to make sure you do not put your hole so far into the center that the binder rings don’t hang freely.
Also, make sure you are not right at the edge of the CD. Drill the hole. Turn the CD around and use a ruler if needed and drill another hole across from the first one.
Do this for each CD you use. You can drill single holes for the final CD in a row, but you’ll have to drill them if you add more CDs at a later time. I would love to do an entire wall of them.

Attach together with a binder ring. Keep adding to your row until you have as many as you want.
Make your hanging as large or small as you want. ours is 11 x 7. The top hole is to hang the row from a nail or screw in the wall. Our hanging is about 6 feet by 3.75 feet. Each row hangs on it’s own. If you vary where you place the hole, your CDs will hang differently and will make an interesting display … unless you are very obsessive compulsive and need things to be perfect and straight … which, I didn’t.
I had originally had the CDs all clipped together, but found that was unnecessary. That is why ours have four holes instead of two.
They swing gently in the breeze of the fan, reflecting light and color.
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