DIY Rose Gold/Marble Desk, Fur Chair + Vanity

by Gobeeharris
6 Materials
4 Hours
I wanted to give myself an office makeover, so I decided to start with a desk, chair, and vanity! This project took about 4 hours to complete. I would recommend having a helping hand when putting up the mirror. PLEASE make sure to spray paint in a ventilated area. Enjoy!





Contact paper:

Faux Fur:

Spray Paint:

Vanity Light:

Extension Cord (x2):

Globe Light Bulbs:


  1. Spray paint the desk frame, chair frame, and light fixtures (let dry for 1hr)
  2. Measure and cut contact paper. Place the paper on top of the glass. Have a credit card handy to remove the air bubbles
  3. Measure and cut the fabric for the chair back and seat. Use a hot glue gun to secure the fabric
  4. Measure and mark where you want to place your mirror and vanity. I used a nail to secure my mirror because it is not that heavy. If you have heavier mirror, I would research other options for hanging it safely.
  5. Remove the bulb holders from the lights and remove the metal backing. Use the nails provided to secure the metal backing onto the wall.
  6. Cut the input side extension of both extension cords off & split the cord down the middle. Use scissors or wire cutters to remove 1 inch of the plastic covering from around the wire.
  7. The extension cord will have a rigid and smooth wire. Wrap the rigid wire of the extension cord around the black wire on the vanity light. Wrap the smooth wire of the extension cord around the white part of the vanity light. Put the orange caps on to prevent electrical fires.
  8. Stuff the wires inside the vanity light and replace the top covering and bulb holders.
  9. Screw in bulbs & Enjoy your new vanity!!

Desk Before & After
Mirror Before and After
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  • Mirror   (IKEA)
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