Little Love = Less Hate

by RustyBucketFarmGirl
So my husband had this dresser that I absolutely loathed!!! The bottom broke and the drawer hung down and the laminate littered out floor daily as it chipped off. Until I saw some other people post some dresser up cycling...
So I started by stripping the laminate to find some pretty beautiful wood underneath. And since it chipped off daily in the house I thought this part would be easy. Wrong! This part really took the longest out of the whole project. I had the most success laying damp/wet clothes over top of the laminate pieces for an hour or 2 and it really loosened the glue and chipped right off.
I decided to paint the base gray and keep the top natural. So I sanded all the areas that I intended to stain.
I sprayed it with kilz spray paint primer and then I sprayed the whole thing with valspar gray primer. (I thought it was paint and primer, but 2 and 1/2 cans in discovered money can't buy gray spray paint +primer by any company. It doesn't exist!)
I used tung oil to bring out the natural beauty of the wood top and it really is stunning in person! Then I chose some hand painted enamel knobs from a great little local shop!
Lastly I created a little shelf with pallet pieces instead of fixing the broken drawers. It also fixes the stability issue because I used wood glue to secure it on both ends which will pull the sides together better.
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