How to Build a DIY Lap Desk: Fun Clothes Hanger Hack

Tired of balancing your laptop or snacks precariously while relaxing in bed? With just a few wooden hangers and some creativity, you can create your own DIY lap desk!

This project not only adds a personal touch to your home but also ensures you have a stable and functional surface for all your leisure activities.

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Tools and Materials:

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Cozy DIY furniture projects

1. Prepare the Hangers

Start by gathering four wooden hangers.

Disassemble wooden hangers for our DIY lap desk project

Pull the metal parts out of each hanger.

DIY home office solutions

You’ll need these hangers to create the legs of your table.

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2. Drill Holes in the Hangers

Take two of the hangers and drill a small hole in the corner of each one.

Drill holes in hangers to begin assembling our hanger bed desk

The hole does not need to go all the way through the hanger.

This step is crucial for fitting the hangers together later.

Clothes hanger hack

3. Assemble the Legs

Fit two hangers together to form a leg, making sure they look like the legs of a table.

Simple crafting with hangers

Apply a bit of wood glue along the edge and clamp them together.

Crafting with recycled materials

Repeat this process with the remaining two hangers.

Glue and clamp hangers together to form sturdy legs for the DIY lap desk

Let the glue dry completely.

Bedside lap desk tutorial

4. Attach the Corner Braces

Once the glue is dry, grab the 3/4 inch corner braces.

Screw these into the pre-drilled holes to secure the hanger legs together.

Secure hanger legs with corner braces for added stability in our hanger table

This will provide extra stability for your DIY lap desk.

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5. Prepare the Tabletop

Take a white melamine shelf or something similar to serve as the tabletop.

Mark off where you want to place the screws.

Home crafting ideas

Pre-drill these holes to make attaching the tabletop easier.

Clothes hanger crafts

6. Assemble the Lap Desk

Attach the tabletop to the hanger legs using screws.

Crafting with household items

Make sure everything is tight and secure.

Attach the tabletop securely to complete our project

Repeat this process on the other side so your table has two sets of legs.

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How to Make a DIY Lap Desk: Clothes Hanger Craft Tutorial

Whether you're working, browsing, or unwinding, this personalized piece adds a unique flair to your space.

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Ready to start your own? Share your progress with us and join the community of DIY enthusiasts!

Sarah Vanderkooy
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  • Lau105188983 Lau105188983 on Jul 12, 2024
    This is a really great idea! Do you think you could use hinges instead of "L" braces on the legs so that you can fold them down for easy storage?
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  • Amber Amber on Jul 12, 2024
    What a great idea!! Gosh I wish I could think outside the box like you just did! Awesome job!!
  • Cathy Cathy on Jul 12, 2024
    You are very creative!! Great job! I love it!!❤️